Goodbye Pool

In its glory days, mom and dad’s pool was beautiful.  Chad learned to swim in their pool.  There were lots of good times had in that pool but when I was home last fall, it looked like this.


Mom and dad had lost interest in the pool.  My niece and her husband are putting a pool at their new house and the kids won’t be at mom and dad’s swimming so they decided to get rid of the pool.  When I arrived last week, dad was busy jack hammering and tearing out the concrete.

Early one morning, the dump trucks began rolling in and dumped truck load after truck load of dirt in the yard.  I might add that they began arriving and dumping and making lots of noise before I was awake!

Then one of the dump trucks got stuck!

Not a problem though because the dump trucks were rolling in one after the other so the next one that arrived hooked onto this one . .

and pulled him right out.

The dump truck drivers were having a grand time.  They weren’t upset about being stuck or having to pull the other guy out.

Dad worked so hard all day trying to get the pool hole filled in.  Storms were predicted for the afternoon and though they did get a little rain, it wasn’t enough to cause any problems for him.  The piles of dirt hardly got wet and the pool hole had no standing water so he did get it all done the next day.

Their back yard will definitely look different without the pool back there but they’re glad to be rid of it.


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    What a great time you Dad is having. Men always seem to like a project, but never remember the mundane jobs! You sure have a lovely family, wonder if they would like to adopt me?

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    In our town you have to have the POOL REMOVED and then you can fill the hole. They feel the pool will contain the water over time and cause a wet area… so they make you get permits and such… just a way for them to get money…

    Looks like they got it done pretty swiftly- and no more headache trying to keep up with it.

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    Sue in Scottsdale, AZ says

    We’ve thought about doing that several times. We loved the pool when we moved into this house 21 years ago, but now it is more of a chore than an enjoyment. I believe we also will need permits and have all the concrete chopped up and removed before we can fill in the huge hole.

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    My MIL had a pole when my DH and his friends grew up. A few years back she decided she couldn’t take care of it any longer. She had a deck built over it! No more pool!!!

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    What are their plans for this nice new area, grass or different shapes of flower beds? In our old house my dad put in winding paths of grass (just wide enough for the mower) and flowerbeds, it was pretty cool.

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    “Their back yard will definitely look different without the pool back there but they’re glad to be rid of it.”

    Their, there, and they’re all in a sentence together? Marry Me!!

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    Wish my 90 y/o father-in-law would do this! $130 a month for a pool guy and no one’s put as much as a toe in the pool in at least 5 years. What a waste.