Doodling in EQ Again

I should be packing and cleaning . .  there are quilt tops to be made, a couple of sleeves to be sewn on, socks to be made . . I’m sure there are other things to be done but . . what am I doing? Doodling in EQ.

I’m thinking of naming it “Road to Brownwood” and cutting all the pieces and working on it on my trip to TX in a few weeks.  I’ll be in a hotel all day while Vince is working so I think this would be the perfect project.  And, I’m thinking on painting our bedroom a very light olive green so this quilt, along with another one I’m working on, along with the one currently on our bed, would all work just fine.



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    Looks good! I love doodling in EQ too, it’s addictive. I know you’ll finish your quilt though. I just like to play with the colors. Esp for the MONO challenge, EQ works great. Sorry you have to move, it is a lot of work even with movers.

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    I have been debating purchasing EQ for a while now. I have a substantial amount of $$ coming to me via tax refunds so I was thinking now is the time. Can you tell me why I should make the investment? I am on the fence… Thanks.

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    You are not the only one. I should REALLY be cleaning, but am not…cant bring myself to start, and yet….I would like to go downstairs and quilt, but the hub is coming home and if he sees dishes in the sink and an inch of dog hair on the floor, he might wonder what I have been doing all week! Like he wouldn’t KNOW. alteast I cam caught up on laundry! (Till he gets home….!) But really, I think it is time for a NAP!

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    WiAmy says

    Great design! I love how those secondary patterns pop out with your use of color. I must say you and EQ are a match made in heaven!

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    Melissa Raddetz says

    I love it! So pretty. And I love that you can turn a disconcerting event into something so positive. You’re an inspiration that goes beyond quilting, cooking, canning, and parenting. I’ve always heard “We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same”. Thanks for reminding all of us that a positive attitude is a gift!


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    I really like the quilt, and it will be great for you to have something to do while sitting in that hotel room. Even knitting gets old after a while! 😉

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    looks good ! I get a lot done sewing ‘kits’ in an emty hotel room. Pack the extra of your fabric too just in case.

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    Like the design and that’s a good plan to have something to work on while you are waiting for Vince. Any more house options? The one with the land looked interesting. I imagined chickens running around in that barn/enclosure.

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    Mary says

    Playing in EQ is one of my favorite ways to avoid other things I should be doing and have spent time in the last few weeks doing that instead of cleaning and sorting.

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    Julia says

    Oh my goodness, it is absolutely gorgeous! Did you design it as a vertical row quilt? I have EQ7, but I have never tried designing a row quilt yet. I guess I don’t play with it enough to see what it can do. Is this one that you will have for sale sometime? If so I would love to have it! I am passionate for Civil War fabrics and I think this would be wonderful made with them.

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    Great design, even my hubby saw it and like the quilt and the colors are you going to do a pattern on that one??

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    I love it and think it is a great idea. Let us sew along with you – OK? It won’t exactly be a mystery because we have seen the end project….but it would be fun to make it with you…..GOOD JOB ON THE DESIGN!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Wow, Judy, that looks great! Did you let your mind wonder to New Orleans when you were coloring this one? Looks like “Mardi Gras” to me. I LOVE IT!!!

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    looks like you’re feeling right at home again 😉 as you should! the other stuff can wait… design quilts for you is like a novelist being woken up in the night from a character and having to write it all down in a hurry so they don’t forget.

    I like the split backgrounds in the blocks! Very cool to look at. I also like your name for the quilt but please reconsider that purple… I think a deep chocolate brown with the light green would look so pretty – and brown would go better with the name Road to Brownwood don’t cha think? 😉

    Happy Weekend & Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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      debbie siltala says

      wow I love this one. It is probably my favorite. I have made some of your other quilts. It amazes me that you keep coming up with all these beautiful quilts

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    Perry says

    I don’t know about this quilt Judy. Doesn’t look like it is simple enough to keep you busy for very long. Better have another one in reserve. 🙂

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    Doodle? I couldn’t come up with a great pattern that great in a week of trying. You’re a wonder, Judy! Oh, and I agree with BingoBonie–having brown in it would be ideal with a name like that.

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    pdudgeon says

    definitely a winner!
    like the rest, i hope you’ll put the fabric requirements up in the ‘free patterns” section of your blog.

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    VickiT says

    Ooh that is awesome looking. I REALLY wish I could figure that software out. I need more time in the day to do it. 🙁 I’ve had it for two years now and even bought the upgrade and still can’t do a thing in that program much more than open it up.