About Ruby & Her Sisters

Even if we buy a house that has room for the chickens (which, by the way, you all seem to like #3 best), we won’t bring the chickens.   It would be just too hard to get them there.  Once our furniture leaves here, it will be 3 or 4 days before it arrives/gets unloaded at the new location.  We’ll be in hotels along the way.  The movers won’t move the chickens or the coop and moving them in the back of Vince’s pickup with the cover on it would be miserable for them in July or August, which is probably when we’ll actually be moving our stuff.  It’s about a 10 hour drive from here and even if we were going straight from here to there, I think it would be cruel for them in the back of a hot truck.  Besides, Vince is taking his truck soon and will keep it there and not be bringing it back and forth.  No way will 8 chickens ride in the Honda or the Highlander.  No way!

And, between now and the time we move, I’ll be going back and forth for a week at a time fairly often and it wouldn’t be good to impose on someone here to have to keep taking care of them while I’m away so it will be easier for them to go to their new home before I start going back and forth to Texas.

We’re giving them to someone who will take very good care of them, though I will miss them and will be very sad to say goodbye, it really is the best way to handle the situation.


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    Pam says

    Memories–that what’s life is all about. The old ones and the new ones. Enjoy them all.


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    I am really enjoying the image of Judy and Vince in a hotel room with ten chickens ! It really is an intertaining vision.

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    Lynne Gailey in Hawaii says

    You will miss your Ruby the most…you have favorites! But you are very considerate of them.

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    Chickens don’t travel, and i found mine new homes before getting new girls for here. You are, as Kelly Ann said, being a good chicken mama:)

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      Judy Laquidara says

      A mean uncooperative chicken ended up in the freezer about 1-1/2 years ago.

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    So glad to hear that your heart is with the safety and well-being of your darling chickens. I think you’re making the best decision. Someday there might be a Ruby Two for you in TX.

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    You are doing the right thing for sure. It is hard to say goodbye. I love chickens – my first pet was a chicken named CHICKIE JACK…..I was only 3 and so naming a chicken (when HE was really a rooster) had no relevance for me! 🙂 My grandpa brought him from COLORADO to KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI in his car. WE LIVED in the suburbs and having a CROWING ROOSTER in the early AM did not make us the most popular folks on the block. My rooster just disappeared one day…..so I live vicariously through others who have pet chickens. 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Cindy B. says

    My college buddy Jessica decided she was moving about 10 hours from me to ‘explore Idaho’. She loaded up her truck and the last thing onto her load was her crates of chickens. She looked like the Beverly Hillbillies leaving our quiet neighborhood in Oregon … the chickens survived just fine.

    Later, she sent me letters about her adventure.

    One early morning, a bear decided to use the edge of her outhouse for a scratching post. The outhouse was occupied …

    I am glad your adventure will be more civilized … I am sorry you are not crating the chicks for the journey.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Nothing like Texas in August whether you’re a person or a chicken. Wise move to leave them behind!

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    Sherry says

    Couldn’t your friend keep all the chickens except Ruby. He could foster her
    until you get settled and the weather gets cooler. Then you could get her
    back. I think we will miss Ruby and her antics the most, though.

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    lw says

    You made the right choice. When I was a little girl, my parents moved us from Torrance to Montclair (California) by car and pickup truck. I remember riding in the back of Dad’s truck next to our parakeet, who had a white cloth over the cage. It was July, and over 100 degrees. The parakeet, despite the shade of the cloth, didn’t survive the 1 hour drive to the new house. I can’t image 10 hours in a hot truck– birds are delicate.

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    Rebecca says

    We can tell you’ve given this consideration. It’s the best thing for the chickens, though. I did notice a “place for chickens” mentioned in house #3 captions! Maybe you can start a new flock (if you can stand the separation from your current chickens, considering you may move again).