House #3

Yep, there is a House #3 but this one really should have been House #1 because it’s the first one I saw that I liked.  Some of you may remember that back in early March, I had the wrong link for the drop stitch scarf and it went to this house.  Our move wasn’t a done deal at that point but we were looking at houses.  I sent the link to this house to Vince and then accidentally inserted it into my blog post.  Embarrassing!

Vince wasn’t so thrilled with the house because he needs to be within 15 minutes of his work and if you get the directions to this house on the computer, it gives you the wrong directions and puts this house a good bit farther away than it really is.  Vince is going to see the house next time he’s in TX.

This house has 15 acres but another 60 acres are available.  It has fruit and nut trees.  It has a gas stove.  The house is a bit small for us but it has no garage so we’re thinking we can add a garage with a sewing room upstairs, with a bath, kitchenette type room and maybe even add a little guest house type room on the ground floor part of the garage.  This could be my first choice if it all looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures.  We love the trees.  I love the metal roof.  It has a gas stove.  It has new air conditioners and a new water heater.  I’m not real crazy about the tile in the kitchen but I can live with it.  As far as the  square feet, this would be the smallest house we’ve had in years but with an additional sewing room that’s about 20 x 30,  this house would be perfect!

While in Louisiana, I visited two quilters who had their sewing rooms outside their home in a separate building (but attached to the house by a walkway).  I came away thinking I’d actually enjoy having my sewing room not inside the house.  So, if it happens that it’s outside, I’ll be fine and if it ends up being part of the inside of the house, I’ll be fine with that too.  Just give me a gas stove and nothing else matters!  Remind me that I said that!  🙂


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    This one gets my vote. Have you ever seem the movie Housesitter? I don’t think I’d like having my sewing room away from the house but–what about a walkway like in that movie???? Have fun on your adventure….

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    Michele Gailey says

    Oh Judy, I would get this house! It’s got the land that you need/love, room for gardens, chickens (don’t leave Ruby behind!), the fruit trees are planted and bearing fruit and you can build what you want for your studio and guest house. Guest houses are wonderful, both for the guests and the visitee! Chad has to have someplace to call his own when he comes to visit for a week. I just love the pictures of outside of the house. It looks perfect to me. And the price is better than the other houses, leaving more money for the glorious studio. Michele

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    Jamie W says

    Love this one!!!! If you guys don’t buy it, we just might!! 😉 If only I could convince my hubby to find a different job in TX, I move…. yesterday!! lol

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    I can picture you setting in there just right, with your garden and your chickens and quilting & sewing away in a brand new studio. Nice house!

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    What a darling home. I especially love the porches all the way around! Would you opt in for the additional acreage? I have to tell you, the tile wouldn’t have thrilled me either, except since I saw it after reading your comment about it, it made me smile! 🙂

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    This home has great potential. I can see why you were drawn to it. I also liked the picture of the cistern. That was kind of cool. The tile, well….not so much in curb appeal there but tile can be changed out. The price seems quite reasonable as well.

    Not like I really have a say here but this one would be a contender for sure, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing, Judy. 🙂

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    pdudgeon says

    i think i would keep looking.
    i agree that it has some nice things, but it is way too small a house for you. even with an addition of a garage and sewing studio (virtually doubling the space available now) you’re probably looking at 6-8 months of being too cramped, living out of boxes, and making do.

    now if you wanted to buy the property and then build a new larger house while you live in this one and later convert it to your sewing/guest house, that might be a consideration. But if you do that then the price would need to come down.

    so putting everything together…..i would keep on looking.

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    Gwen says

    That is the first one that really looked like YOU! I’ve been looking at others than the ones you’ve posted and housing there is widely varied to say the least. Have the studio separate from the house would not present the weather problems it might in other places. You and Speck could have your own little world, just like in the basement! Good luck!

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    I like the house! Of course, this would be a big house for the two of us! We are used to much smaller homes. The price is very attractive compared to Oregon!

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    Cindy says

    I like it! I love the wrap around porch. That would be perfect for hand stitching down bindings and knitting.

    …and look at those outbuildings!! I saw pictures of baby goats….practically cousins of sheep…maybe you could get that lamb you’ve always wanted }:P (sorry couldn’t resist and I know the goats don’t come with the house (: ). Would you be able to get more chickens there, once you’re settled?

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    This would be my pick of what you’ve shown us…..Yes the house may be smaller but honestly, I am thinking that as I get older smaller isn’t all that bad. (I’m cleaning house today and less rooms to clean would be attractive) I like the studio/garage addition idea. You an Vince each seem to value your own space. This way he could design his and you yours…each would get what you like. I can totally imagine you loving the outdoor space and the fruit/nut trees. No red flag would man would be around. I too am not a fan of the tile in the kitchen but that’s an easy change and would also be easy to live with for a couple years too. This one seems much more you.

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    Diann Smith says

    That house has presence and seems to “fit”. I’ve always thought I’d like to have a separate place for quilting. I used to call it my quilt house. That way it could be contained out of your regular house and all the clutter that goes with quilting. But you’d have to remember to leave it sometimes and go back to the main one!
    So the land you wanted, places for animals, FRUIT TREES, seems to fit the bill though I’d say the only drawback is that kitchen. You might could live w/ the tiles but I’d have to be saving my money for putting in something else.
    Extremely nice house. Wish you the best on your decision.

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    A gas stove is a must! When I moved back to my hometown after the big D ,I had an electric stove. My parents said every time they came over I burned something and blamed the stove. One morning my daddy called and told me to meet him at Lowes to get a gas stove! They had helped me so much I felt guilty, so got a very basic stove,but it has been great! I’ve been cooking away on it for 11 years with no problems.

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    Wow Judy, this house looks great! And a much better price too especially with the acreage. Love the idea of a separate sewing/quilting studio. Hope it works out.

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    peggy says

    Do all those adorable animals come with the place? I could definitely see you out there picking fruit.

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    I like this house. One thing I noticed is that it seems low – like the foundation doesn’t seem very thick. With this area being so dry, you probably don’t have to worry about moisture under the house, but here in MO that was a problem in our last house. The furnishings look sparse as if it may be empty. That might be something else to consider – how fast the owner can evacuate. I feel for you. Finding a new home and moving is such hard work.

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    I like this one and I agree that building a sewing studio would be the way to go. And look at those fruit trees. Hope you like it when you see it in person.

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    Becky R says

    It does look like the right one and I noticed right off what appeared to be a gas stove.

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    Amy says

    EEEEKKKKK!!!!!! It’s viewing those real estate sites that I realize how truly blessed we are in this part of the country (Ohio) to have realistic real estate prices. For $259,000 around here you’d get a MINIMUM of 5-6 bedrooms with about 3-4 bathrooms and at least a 4-car garage on a decent amount of acreage in a good school district. My parents about killed me when they found out we were looking in the $180,000 range a few years ago.

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    Linda in NE says

    Nice. I agree on the tile in the kitchen but otherwise it looks great. And it already has a pen for chickens/dogs. Maybe Ruby and the girls could go with you.

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    Looks lovely. The bedrooms are all a decent size too. That’s what we had the hardest time with last time we looked – master bedroom would be a good size, but the other bedrooms were so often tiny.

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    Sarah says

    Judy, don’t worry about all the tile on the floors, when July, Aug, and Sept. arrive it helps make the house seem cooler. To help pay for remodeling or adding on, lease out the pasture land and the wheat fields. The house is beautiful. You should be very happy there. Especially with that gas stove. Sarah

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    For the difference in price of the other 2 houses, you can build a really wonderful garage/storage/sewing studio. Maybe even a guest room/Chad room to boot!

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    Ah, yes, I do like this one. I can see a lot of advantages to having the studio not in the main house–and a second floor studio with lovely windows would mean many opportunities to view nature–and it looks like there would be some good views. (Interesting that the “house” pictures included young animals for the oh-so-cute factor!)

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Straight north of Brownwood is Frederick, Oklahoma. The landscape looks the same except it was much flatter in Frederick. My husband was transferred there and we had to build because there was nothing that we could find to live in. That was the most miserable six years of my life. I’m very glad to be back in hilly eastern Oklahoma which is very much like Missouri! But, like us, since you have no choice due to a transfer, enjoy your house hunting. You have many more choices than we did in that tiny town. The houses you have shown us all have that “Texas” look. You will make whatever place you find a happy home! I love the photos of your house in Nevada, it appears to have the most amazing spaces.
    I’ll bet it sells quickly and then you’ll be a real “Texacan”!

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    Diane says

    I vote for this one! It looks great and has great potential.
    When we moved to Florida we had to live within so many minutes of the office too. I don’t know why, but we did. That really does put a hinderance on house shopping doesn’t it? It seemed like all the houses I wanted to look at were outside that imaginary circle. We did what we never wanted to do and rented a house for a year. That meant we moved twice in a year. One of those time with only our truck to do it all. NOT FUN.
    Good luck!!

  27. 33


    Oh yes, Judy!! This one is IT! And you can still have your chickens and Lord knows WHAT else!! Get that garage/studio started, girlfriend!

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    Carol H says

    I see what you mean about the kitchen tile BUT… love the front porch, the fireplace and the live oaks. Our experience wiht that part of the world also means gorgeous wildflowers in summer. And think dog kennel = chicken coop! PERFECT!

  29. 35

    Doe in Mi says

    Yep, I agree with everybody else that says “this is YOU. Love it. Got everything you want except the studio and there’s plenty of room for that to grow. Love the cistern – haven’t heard that word since I was a little kid. Handy for watering them there chicky birds. Hope it works for ya.

  30. 36


    I vote for this #3 Judy! Love the setting, the metal roof, the wrap around porch and the outbuildings are nice! Just enough acreage. (we have 5 acres and it verges on too much). 6 is good. A nice breeze way to a new garage and sewing studio would be wonderful! You spend a lot of time in the basement already, so it would not be much different to have a sewing room off a breezeway entrance.
    It does look a bit isolated is all. I will tell you that living where you see No-One has it’s up side, but it also has a isolating feeling as well. At times I sincerely like looking out through the woods and seeing my nearest neighbors kitchen window light. This is the only neighbor we see from a far distance. There is just something about knowing that there is someone “out there”. You can always go to town when you want to see “people” of course. Which I do when I need a people fix!
    I only wish that kitchen tile was “lime green” instead of dark green! But it’s a very nice kitchen. And while the sq. footage appears less than you would like, the layout of the house is so well planned, I doubt you would notice it.
    I’m hoping you get this one! It has “you” written all over it! Keep us posted!

  31. 38


    I like this one the best. I love the trees too, and I would plant some grapefruit! (and anything I COULD, since there is NOTHING like fresh fruit!) you COULD have the chickens, and could take Ruby with! Moving chickens doesnt sound like fun, but you COULD take the coop too! that place looks really nice, and having that much land would be awesome. I love where we live (we have 7 acres, but it is rock and water, no building space) but land to DO stuff would be nice…well, this gets my vote. Hope Vince likes it when he goes to look…

  32. 39


    Seems Perfect! House doesn’t look that small but remember smaller is so much easier to take care of with more time for your fun interests ~ cooking, quilting, knitting & blogging. I hope that what you see represented by pictures is just as inviting to you to
    Good luck to you & Vince!

  33. 40


    Seems very nice, Judy. I don’t think it seems too small, either. With having such a wide open area outside the house, I think you’d love the feel of that cozy place. I can see all kinds of critters in your future with all that land, too. I mean…ones you want, like chickens and cows or goats or something like that…wasn’t talking about anything like snakes!!! LOL

  34. 41


    Okay, The Deputy and I looked at every picture and we LOVE it! Of course, we aren’t buying it, but if we could we would! Compared to the pricing of the other houses you have been looking at, with this one you could certainly build on a garage with a sewing room. I hope Vince goes and takes a look at it!

  35. 42

    Kathleen says

    It’s ready for chickens – could you take yours with you? I LOVE the wrap around porch!!

  36. 47

    Lynne Gailey in Hawaii says

    This is a nice one Judy! So many possibilities and a gas stove too! Your own fruit trees to provide plenty of bottling for storage.

  37. 48


    I like this one also. It has so many possibilities. I like the idea of an addition of a garage/guest suite/sewing studio. The problem would be the wait until it is done. Looks like you are trying to make a gentleman farmer out of Vince, but he would enjoy the fruit trees and the wood from trimming is great for flavored smoke for your smoker.

  38. 49

    pat says

    I change my vote to this one I could move in right now.
    I love the porches all the way around the house.

  39. 50

    Anita says

    Overall, I like this one best, the setting is so inviting along with all the porches. Yes the gas stove got me also, and I like the tile in the kitchen… has a quilty feel to it.

  40. 52


    I like this house, a look there is a place for your chickens maybe you wouldn’t have to leave Ruby. lol
    My studio is next door to my house and I like having the routine of going over there and away from the house to work everyday. If I had to work in my home I would be finding things that I need to get done and my dyeing or quilting would go by the way side so I have a fixed work schedule and a fixed home schedule it works for me.

  41. 53

    Alma says

    I LIKE this house!
    There are now just the 2 of you so you can do with a smaller house. Add on a sewing room with a breezeway and you are set. (after awhile you can change the tile in the kitchen!!)
    Ad says “willing to negotiate” That is a big plus there!
    Setting is so peaceful and serene and I will personally come and help you eat those peaches
    Gas stove too!

  42. 56

    Ellie says

    This one has my vote also. Even though the rest of us have nothing to say about it! The porches are what caught my eye first and with the views outside what more could you ask for as you finish binding or knitting or weaving? You could have your garden and with the cistern you would have plenty of water available, which I’m sure you would need in the summer. Building on a studio and garage could mean being torn up for a few months but in the end it would be worth it.

  43. 57

    Mary says

    I agree this house seems more reasonable. Just remember to get a good inspector beforehand, especially for the foundation. Here in Texas, the dry weather is as rough or rougher on foundations than soggy grounds.

  44. 60

    sammi says

    Just a quick thought about a sewing room upstairs. We all come to a point where stairs are hard, then difficult, then impossible.

  45. 61


    Isn’t it wonderful to have choices. LOVE THE HOUSE AND THE LAND AND THE FRUIT TREES TOO! YIPEE… you have lots of things to be excited about…..I love gas stoves too

    It is fun to share this adventure with you!!!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  46. 62

    Mary Jo says

    Love this house, plus there is room for Ruby and her friends! Adding a garage and a room for your studio would mean you could get just what you wanted in a studio.

  47. 63


    I like #3 – now you will be able to have chickens and cows! What fun! You could really have a lot of fun customizing a studio. Just make sure you include a small kitchen.

  48. 64

    Loretta says

    I know why you like this one–it looks just like something you would find in southwest Louisiana. Enjoy your house hunting.

  49. 65


    Adding in my belated vote for this one too:) Feels more like you guys….(no, i have no way of backing up that claim with any evidence.)

  50. 66


    But change the tiles in the kitchen (why ruin a nice airy kitchen with THAT abomination? And tiles are a cow as a surface, cleaning wise).

  51. 67

    Mary Carole says

    Isn’t Mullin TX quite a distance from Brownville? Or is my geography way off?

  52. 69

    June Piper-Brandon says

    Judy, I think this is the one where you would be happiest. It has all those fruit trees which I know you will make use of and it does have room for expansion. Remember, Chad will not be with you at this home so the space might not be as big a deal. I have been nagging at Skip that we need to build a garage with a second floor sewing room/office for me. I know a lot of quilters who have their quilting studios separate from the hoouse – Karen Kay Buckley is one. Before I moved mine was separate from my house too (I bought my fabric a house), I did have a small sewing area at home but most of my stuff was at the other house. Plus, this one has the gas stove that you’ve always wanted.

  53. 70

    Robin says

    Ooooooh- this one looks interesting. Love the porch, the trees and the land! A little smallishsquare footage inside but I could live there easy!!!

  54. 71


    When we bought our house in the country, it had only a single car garage. Otherwise, it was a great house. The garage issue caused me to reject the house initially, but I couldn’t get the good points out of my mind. Lying in bed one night, I realized we could build the garage we wanted and convert the single car garage into a room. That’s what we ended up doing, and I’ve never regretted it. We found our contractor on It’s a good resource.

  55. 73


    With the addition of a garage/shop for Vince and the entire top floor as YOUR sewing space this looks like it would do nicely, Judy. The kennel will never see Speck, but might become a chicken palace?? Of course, I don’t actually know you and Vince… so I may be all wrong here.
    The tile in the kitchen may seem ‘cold’ at first, but will be nice in the heat of the Summer. Cool tile will be nice on your bare feet when you are canning those lovely peaches! You can always weave yourself some throw rugs to add a homey, personal feel as well.
    Unless you are planning to run cattle, 15 acres should give you enough privacy… 60 just needs to be mowed (for fire danger) and fences kept tight. We have 50 acres, but most of it is forest/timberland and pasture, and we do have cows to keep the grass down.

  56. 74

    barbara says

    that kitchen looks great, but i don’t think it’s for a real cook and canner. the grout gets yucky and only constant bleaching gets it clean again. please don’t ask. and since i have a room 24 x 14 i have a good handle on the size, and that size for a combo kitchen and dining area is tight. the bedrooms aren’t that large either, for a house that has the appearance of this one. it’s actually all porch when you think about it. remember resale value.

    the ad talks about the rolling hills, etc. is that on the 15 acres or the adjoining acreage that you may/may not buy? are the outbuildings in good shape or do you have to take them down? does it come with the pups? (ooops! sorry about that! got carried away!)

    if the garage is important for the health of the car /truck (baking sun), and you have to build on for a quilting room, you’re adding a lot to the price of the house. if you end up having to remove anything (fencing, outbuildings, etc.) add more. again, remember resale value.

    are you in love because of the gas stove :< ? i don't know. i'd give this one some more thought.

  57. 75


    That house looks great — I agree that the tile counters aren’t great for canning. I have them and am looking at replacing them, my grout gets stained from the blackberries, and beets!

    The rooms look to be good sizes and otherwise the house looks to be in good shape.

    Good luck on the house hunt.