Road to Brownwood Quilt

For those who asked about doing this quilt along with me, I’ll be glad to share the instructions.  They’re going to be pretty basic instructions.  It’s a terribly simple quilt to make.  The blocks are 9″ finished.  The top, if made exactly according to the instructions, will measure 80″ x 90″ but it would be quite simple to make it larger or smaller since it will be put together in vertical rows.

According to EQ7, here are the fabric requirements:

Fabric 1 (where I used light yellow) – 1/4 yard
Fabric 2 (where I used med. yellow) – 3/4 yard
Fabric 3 (where I used dark yellow) – 2 yards
Fabric 4 (where I used light green) – 1/4 yard
Fabric 5 (where I used med. green) – 3/4 yard
Fabric 6 (where I used dark green) – 2-1/2 yards
Fabric 7 (where I used purple) – 3-1/2 yards

These amounts do not include yardage for the binding. You will need an additional 3/4 yard for the binding.

Here is a fabric chart that you can download and use to help keep track of your fabric choices.  I’m not sure about the time line.  I’ll probably start posting the instructions on May 1.  I’ll probably post instructions each day and I’m thinking we can do it in one week.  That doesn’t mean you have to do it in one week . . take your time.  But if you want to sew along with me, I’ll probably do it in a week.   This is one of the quilts that will get moved over to the free patterns section once we’re done with it so if you can’t do it with us in May, you can do it at your convenience.


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    Oh Judy it is lovely!!! Thanks for sharing… looking forward to finding it in the free section so I can work on it after school is out.

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    trina says

    Thank you , Judy for sharing this pattern. Especially as busy as you are with the upcoming move. (Moved 18 times myself). Beautiful quilt pattern.


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    Carol says

    Many thanks for sharing this pattern. It is beautiful. We will miss you in MO, but moving is always an adventure to look forward to.

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    Darlene S says

    Thanks so much Judy for the great quilt pattern. When I get caught up on customer quilts, I plan to start this one. I’m tired of workin on my UFO’s, so I might as well start busting my stash!! It looks complicated even though you say it’s real easy. I really like the look of it. Thank you again for your generous nature. Dar

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    Julia says

    YEA!! Thanks, Judy! You are a very generous and kind person to share your talent! I love this one! For those of us that EQ7, are you willing to share the project file?