There vs. Here

For some reason, I thought the area of TX where we’re moving didn’t have such hot summers.  What was I thinking?  Here’s their temp at 5 p.m. today.

And, here’s my temp in Missouri at the same time.

Maybe I’d better wait til October before I join Vince there.  At least the evenings are fairly cool.  But, if I’m wrong on that point too, please don’t tell me.


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    Beth says

    We live for October in Texas.
    Now you know why God created air conditioning…for Texas summers 24/7!!

  2. 3

    Alma says

    Yes, Texas is hot, but some parts of Texas, south of Austin, had snow this winter. Enough to close the schools (which wasn’t much!!)

  3. 5

    Connie says

    I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Of course I like it hot! Check on the humidity levels for that part of TX….not sure what that will be for you, will make a HUGE difference.

  4. 7

    carol c says

    we have 2 weeks of spring after ground hog comes out, then its summer until mid october in my area of TX, outside of AUstin….humidity and heat go hand in hand
    air conditioners are more important than a heater

  5. 8


    Hey…….didn’t I just hear you saying you will always be a Louisiana Girl??? Did that include the humidity and the heat as well?

    glen: 72 humidity here today in Baton Rouge, and that is LOW LOW!

  6. 9


    Hot and humid. I think I missed the 2 weeks of spring. I thought it went straight to summer…….yuck.
    AC AC AC……that’s the ticket.


  7. 11

    Cindy from CA says

    OMG! I can’t imagine 100 degrees in April!! What will it be like in June or August???

    How will you grow tomatoes??? I am a Master Gardener and just taught a class this last weekend on growing tomatoes. In order to set fruit, tomatoes need nighttime temps over 55 degrees (65 for beefsteaks) and daytime temps that don’t reach 90-95 degrees for the roughly 50 hours that it takes for tomatoes to pollinate! The night temps won’t be a problem, but the daytime temps might!

    I tried to find a Master Gardener Group for your area to get more info, but Brown County is not listed. Don’t know why.

    Good Luck!!!


  8. 12


    good luck! and yes think its best you wait till at least Sept so you don’t have to experience Texas summers just yet.
    last year they set a record for 100 degree weather so many days in a row.
    do you want to know how many days???

    thank god for A/c!!!!

  9. 13

    Carol says

    I was invited by my daughter-in-law to come visit after summer classes at Texas State. That would be August…..when it’s hot enough to melt your face. I think I’m going 🙂
    Having been born and raised in Ohio, my son had a very difficult time adjusting to the weather in TX. They live in San Marcos, between Austin & San Antonio.

  10. 15


    Sorry. It does get hot. But it doesn’t snow much. Growing season starts sooner and lasts longer. We are having an unusually warm spring. Prepare yourself. The fires around Possum Kingdom Lake may (MAY) be contained soon. Yet there are more out west. Possibly we may have less tornadoes than Missouri. That’s a plus, right?