House #5

Remember this kitchen?  That was  back in February and it’s in Texas.  I told you this move has been in the works for a very long time.  I couldn’t say it then but we were looking for a house in TX at that time.  The majority of the comments didn’t like the stove right up against that wall on the left side.  It could be a problem but I’d be willing to try it so long as Vince understood that if I didn’t like it, I’d want to move it over, hopefully switch to gas but definitely not have a smooth top, and if I did that, I’d probably have to change the countertop to make it all work.  There’s something about this kitchen that I really like though.

At that time, the house was out of our price range but it’s been reduced and Vince is going to see it this week.  It says it has three living areas so hopefully one of those would work for a quilting room. If the house looks as good in real life as in the pictures, I’d be thrilled to have it.  I love the “retro” look of it.   It is in a subdivision in the city so that means no chickens.  We’ll see what happens.

Later today or tomorrow I’ll let you know about the first three houses (one of which I haven’t told you about) Vince saw yesterday.


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    Kathy N says

    of the couple of houses that I saw posted last week I LOVE this one. Bright kitchen,high ceilings with lots of windows,love the yard. Can’t wait to hear what Vince thinks.

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    My gas stove top is set up just like this one, right next to the ovens, but my counter space is to the left of the stove top. It functions very well, so I don’t think that you would have a problem with the layout.

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    I like this one too. It’s so sunny, and I love the kitchen. Not huge, but it looks really functional to me, and I love yellow in the kitchen. I could move in there in a heartbeat, but then I’ve never had “critters”, nor have I ever wanted any! So much to consider.

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    Ruth says

    Love the oaks at this house. I like the kitchen too. My Mom had a similar stove set-up in the house we grew up in. Last night on ‘House’ Wilson & House had a bet on who could keep a chicken the longest in the hospital.

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    Sally H says

    It is the oven “tower” that bothers me — it breaks up the run of counter space. But if you replace the stove and counter, you could take it out then and all would be better.

    No chickens?! Not sure I could do that, but then my chickens are accompanied by goats and geese and turkeys and sheep and a donkey .

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    Becky R says

    Now that I look at this new kitchen again it is very much like my Moms as to having the stove top right to the right of the ovens. To the left of her ovens are the pantry cabinets so at least you have more cabinet space in this kitchen. She’s never complained about being right against them – more that she also doesn’t like an electric stove but it works so they’ve never replaced it. Having more counter space is a necessity with all the cooking that you do – or did! Or plan on doing. Love the back grassy area – wow. The house looks huge – you and Vince can get lost from one another!

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      Cannot add gas lines to the island .. no way to get them from the outside to the middle of a room when the house is on a concrete slab.

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Love the tree – at least it looks shady for those hot days. Course I had to go look up the definition of “keeping room” to figure out what they were talking about. 🙂

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    It’s a very pretty house. Shady yards in Texas heat could be a plus. I’m not too keen on the small steps to go up into one room, a few steps down into the next room. But, I think you get used to it after awhile. I’m not sure the kitchen is as big as the photo makes it look. But, if it functions well, that may be all that matters. It will be interesting to see which house you decide on. This one appears to be residential, yet secluded. It’s probably the best overall choice so far.

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    VickiT says

    Oh my gosh, now that I see more of that house I’m in love. In looking more at that kitchen it appears to have the lighting in the ceiling that I want to have SOOOOOOOOOOO badly. My Stepmom has that in her FL condo. I immediately fell in love with it because it put so much light into all areas of the kitchen. We have a large window in my kitchen but there are a lot shadows all over the place even with my large double slider window that I had installed and the lights. Tell hubby to take a picture of the ceiling in that kitchen so you can see what I’m talking about if you haven’t see it yet. The picture just shows a glimpse of what I think could be the same exact thing. If it is, you will LOVE IT! Good luck. OH and I had to go back a bit because I thought I’d missed something but nope, I don’t see a House #4 post. Did you forget a house or are you superstitious of the number 4? LOL

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    Nancy W. says

    So glad your sharing this journey with us. Love seeing the houses and happy you will be closer to family and friends. I like the privacy and the VIEWS of the houses that are more rural, but the last house is very nice.

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    lw says

    I agree that the stove is begging to be moved to the island. Also, not sure how hard it is to air condition a room that has a vaulted ceiling that high. But the kitchen is adorable, and it would be fun to be in a vintage space like that. It makes me want to embroider tea towels and buy 50’s tablecloths.

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    I wouldn’t *assume* that you can’t have chickens. Check the city ordinances … there might be a provision for “backyard” chickens, although you might be limited to 2-3.

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      I never assume anything. I checked with the City before we ever decided to move. They do allow chickens but you have to have 150 feet between the chickens and the property line so even 1 acre wouldn’t be large enough. Besides, this particular subdivision has its own restrictions and chickens are not allowed.

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    Love those high ceilings. Light and lovely, big fingers crossed!! It is lovely of you to share it with us, Judy. Sometime es it is like we are all pulling up a cuppa (mine is tea), and chatting with you. Wonderful to be included.

    Fingers crossed!!

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    This is a pretty one, Judy. I love all the shade front and back and know you’ll appreciate it too in summer! The kitchen is that bright and cherry yellow and the sink is the one I have and love–3 sections! This one doesn’t feel like it’s in a cul-de-sac, elbow to elbow. It’s expansive-felling. I LIKE IT!

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    Peggy says

    I love the outside of the house and the yard, but is there room for a garden if you desire to have one?

    I love the color of the kitchen, but I love most shades of yellow. My concern is the lack of counter space because of the two deep corners that are somewhat wasted as far as work is concerned. If you move the stove you will actually have less usable counter space. I also would not like having one side of the sink without any counter space. I wonder what is beyond the sink and island? Looking forward to hearing more.

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    Nancy B. says

    What a beautiful house (although the one with the metal roof and porches all around is still my favorite)! With all the houses you’ve lived in, am sure you can make the kitchen ‘work’, but i’m wondering about the lack of counter to the left of frig, which would normally be the ‘landing’ side, in addition to no counter to right of sink, added to the cooktop being up against the oven at the left. The last situation I endured for 37 years, just changed it by remodeling, and now wonder how I was able to stand it! The island seems small in the photo, also, for being between the frig and sink. Since you’ve worked with so many different kitchens, I think you can probably picture how you could work (or not) in this one, before committing to the purchase. Or how you could change it! Before our remodeling project I about drove myself crazy trying to picture doing various kitchen tasks, but it paid off in the end by having space where I needed it.