The Fun of Moving

It’s amazing the things we find while going through stuff.  We both love Elton Louviere’s work.  I have “Ryan Street” hanging in my dining room and it’s one of my favorites.  There are a couple more that are framed but Ryan Street is my favorite.  It’s the main street that runs most of the way through Lake Charles and has changed quite a bit since the days featured in the print.  Heck, it’s changed a whole lot since I was a kid but I love seeing Ryan Street the way it was back then.

While Vince was going through things this weekend, he found an Elton Louviere print I didn’t even know we had.

I can’t imagine when we bought this print because if I had known we had it, I would have had it framed.  It’s not even offered on the website so it must be an old retired print.  In his book, Louisiana Backroads & Bayous, which was printed in 1992, Bayou Mist is the first print featured so it’s definitely an older one.

Another thing I found was this:

I’ve taken so many applique classes, I should be an expert but I’m not!

I think this was taken in a Jeanna Kimball class at Quilt Odyssey in maybe 2000.

And this one . . I believe it was an embellishment class.  Cannot recall who was teaching this class but obviously I didn’t get very far.

I’ll keep cleaning and my guess is I’ll find lots more treasures!  🙂