House Hunt Results

The house hunt is not going so well.  I’m not feeling desperate but I’m thinking this adds to the excitement and adventure.  We’re going to end up with something — maybe not exactly what we thought we wanted but we’ll make the best of it and because I believe there’s a reason for everything, I will bloom where I’m planted and this time next year, I’ll hardly remember all this.

Here’s a quick report on the houses.

#1 – Exactly as I was afraid it was going to be – needs work.  Lots of work.

#2 – If we had to choose today, this would be our choice.  Needs some work (front steps need to be re-built, inside of garage needs to be torn out and replaced, inside paint and new carpet) but it’s all do-able if the current owner is willing to negotiate on the price a bit.  It is in the county (not in the city limits) but it is in a restricted subdivision.  Did I mention it has a glass top stove?  If I can’t get gas, I think I’ll get rid of the glass top and put in a regular old coil type electric stove.  There are only neighbors on the sides (not across the street or behind it) and the lots are large enough that we wouldn’t feel cramped.  That area does have some tornadoes and for the most part, they do not build houses with basements there.   This house has a bit of a basement to it — enough so that I would feel fairly safe there when the weather is scary.  Vince likes the layout of the house and the location.

#3 – This was the house in the country with fruit trees.  We had thought it was about 20 miles from Vince’s work but it’s 35 miles one way.  That’s too far.  He should be able to get to work in 15 minutes if he’s needed and he could get by with being a little farther away but 35 miles won’t work.  Vince said it was obvious they had put a lot of work into making it the place they wanted it to be with the fruit trees and the wells.  Vince liked the guy but he said the house was way too small for us and he didn’t think adding a garage and studio would solve all the space problems.  None of that really matters though because the distance is the deal breaker for us.

#4 – This is a house Vince wants to work as much as I want #3 to work for us.  I didn’t like it from the beginning and even though, for the most part, I would go along with almost anything he wants but I would put my foot down on this one.  Don’t want it at all.  The only thing I’m going to say about it this.  I’m real picky about cracks.  I know concrete cracks and there are some little cracks in my concrete here and I hate it.  Vince’s dad was a concrete contractor and Vince gets real aggravated at me for getting so worked up about little hairline cracks but here’s what he said about house #4 (the house that I already didn’t like) – “There are lots of cracks!  It sits on a hill but it doesn’t seem to be sliding down the hill.”  Huh?  Sliding down the hill?  “We would get a foundation expert to look at it.”  Don’t bother!  I don’t want that house.

#5 – He will maybe see it Thursday but honestly folks . . we do not need 4,400 square feet.  Doesn’t matter if it’s in our price range or not, we just don’t need 4,400 square feet.  The house is in the city limits and we don’t want that either so unless this house is truly amazing (it does say it has a shop out back), we probably won’t consider it.

So . . that’s where we stand on the house hunting adventure.


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    Oh, Judy, this is the pits. I’m depressed for you and it’s only 7 a.m. Surely, surely, Texas has a house for you. (I don’t like concrete blocks or cracks anywhere either–remember those shifting sands!) I hope every day you have found THE one. My sympathies to you both. I’ll look forward to the fun of reading out your new house when it presents itself.

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    Chris says

    When you least expect a house to show up it will. You mentioned you had time other than you would be apart for awhile. See if there are any people in foreclosure proceedings that maybe you can work with. In my area short sales are being offered. Of course Iam not in your area. I wish you luck.

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    I like your attitude that things happen for a reason, and a belief that it’s going to work out just fine in the end. Thanks for including us in your journey!

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    A good house is going to come on the market! Hang in there. I gotta tell you though–cement cracks do happen. Sorry.

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    LadyBaltimore says

    Hopefully, somebody is putting a house on the market there today – in your price range, close enough to Vince’s job, and with the space and gas range that you want. Fingers crossed. It will all work out in the end. Hugs for you!

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    Marky says

    Having moved a few times myself (but thankfully not real often) I know attitude makes a huge difference and you’ve got the right one! We don’t always find the ideal place but we can make the best of it; your willingness to compromise on some things and your confidence that there is a reason for everything and it will all work out, go a long way in making this move the best it can be. I’ll keep thinking positive with you, and pray just the right house becomes available when you need it.

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    Trish says

    Regarding the stove in #2 (which is my favorite house), have you considered an induction stove? I have a friend who has one and says she’ll never have anything else.

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, I’ve lived in Texas all my life. I’ve never known a house w/out cracks.
    I’m on solid limestone and I have cracks on my concrete floors. I don’t do wall cracks , that’s when I get crazy. Don’t let that be a deal breaker. We have foundation people to inspect and they’ll tell you whether it’s a deal breaker.
    Good luck on your search. I know something is out there. Have you looked out at Lake Brownwood?

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    Linda in NE says

    I was so hoping one of them would work for you. Now it sounds like you’re back to square one. Almost any house you buy is going to need some work to make it “yours”….paint, carpet, kitchen or bath updates. You should see the house on the acreage my son & DIL are buying. Now there’s one that needs more than “a little work”. Paint isn’t going to quite do it!! Good thing they’re young.

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    I agree that you have a good attitude about the house search. Going in with an open mind about homes definitely makes it easier. Keep looking over the next few weeks. In the house hunting that we’ve done, we always find lots of new homes on the market between March and June. Since you’re looking for a “family” home, I would venture to say that if you wait until schools are almost out, you’ll see a lot more homes come on the market. Parents don’t want to move while the kids are in school, so they wait until school is almost done before they put their house up for sale. I’m sure more homes will become available over the next few weeks and hopefully you’ll find one that you really like. 😉

    You could also consider renting a home for a while if you really don’t see anything you like. Give it some time so that you are able to find the home that is right for you.

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    You have the right attitude, everything happens for a reason, I know you will find ‘the’ house to make your it ‘home’. 😉

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    house hunting is so frustrating. We spent 6 months looking every weekend at 20 or more houses until we found this one. I would cry every Sunday night about not finding what we wanted, in our price range.

    Now you can’t pull Frank out of this house……even with the neighbor we have the restraining order against……

    glen: don’t ask, she is the Crazy Lady of the Neighborhood, right smack next to me!

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    barbara says

    you’re right about the glass-top stove. i let my dh, the architect, talk me into it because he likes all things modern, and i can’t wait until it dies. i will give it the glorious funeral it deserves. i would rather clean 20 old-fashioned coil stove tops than this one glass one. thank goodness it’s in a weekend house only.

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    Sorry things are so frustrating… hope something comes on the market soon…

    BTW, I love my glass topped stove… (much better than the coil one at our island place)