#6 Didn’t Work

Vince saw #6 today and said the kitchen and family room were fantastic but there wasn’t a good place for the longarm and the sewing room.  #2 is the only one still in the running.  Vince took some photos of it when he went back to see it today and if he’s not too tired when he gets back to the room tonight, he’ll send them to me.  You know how it is . . he’s in a hotel, eating out every night, watching movies . . and he’s tired!  I’m home scrubbing floors, cleaning out drawers and cabinets, packing, cooking for myself or skipping meals (or eating Pop-Tarts and ice cream) but . . he’s tired!  Seriously, he was going back to the office tonight and he leaves here at 4:30 a.m. on Monday and gets home about 10:30 p.m. on Friday so I know he is tired.

But the more I think about house #2, the more I like it.  I’ll tell you what I know about it.  First is that you enter the house through the garage on the lower level so if you’ve bought groceries, you’d need to park in the circle driveway by the front door and come in on the main level to avoid hauling the groceries upstairs.  At first, I didn’t like that idea but . . Vince (and me too if I admitted it) walks into the current house through the breakfast room and everything gets dropped on the table or the bar.  If I move it, then he comes in wanting to know if I’ve seen this or that.  I beg him to not drop everything right there on the table.  So . . if he comes in downstairs, maybe I could have a little desk or bucket or something there for him to drop all his stuff in before he comes upstairs.  I wouldn’t even look in his bucket!  I’ve said that if I designed my own house, I would make sure we came into the house in a room where it wouldn’t matter if Vince dropped all his stuff.

Downstairs are what they call two bedrooms but Vince said it’s what he calls one BIG bedroom with a wall that goes about 2/3 up and then there’s a shared sitting room and bathroom.  I believe the owners had two boys about the same age and this was their room(s).  Then there’s a large family room down there.  It all has windows and a door going to the patio out back.  I was thinking I could put my fabric and a cutting table in one of those bedrooms and then I could have my sewing machine, ironing table and a smaller cutting table (for trimming) in that room.  If the longarm would fit in either room, that would be fine but if not, I could put it in one end of the downstairs family room.

Since I don’t use the longarm every day, we could still use that family room for a family room and keep the upstairs room nice and clean without all our clutter.  Vince says the views at this house are so pretty.  We’ll wait for a while to see if anything else comes on the market but if we had to choose today, it would be #2.



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    Can’t wait to see the additional pictures of #2. I was really studying # 6 to try to figure out the layout and decided that the only place for the sewing room was the dining room….but it faces the front of the house. Also I would really have a problem in #6 with the location of the sink. My hands are always in the water while cooking.

    I like #2 being on two levels and if you must put the long arm in the family room, unless it is an emergency, I don’t see a problem since Vince works during the daytime.

    I think your crying is normal and healthy. Just be careful with the Ice Cream, Dr Pepper and Pop Tart. While Bill was gone this past weekend (4 days) I bought a dozen donuts and ate 11 of them over a 5 day period of time. On the way into town one day last week I cried most of the way and I can’t wait to move away from here.

    Hang in there Judy.

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    Cathy Stoddard says

    I agree Judy – #2 is lovely. The rock is so pretty and Vince is right-on, the view is AMAZING.

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    LadyBaltimore says

    I really like House #2 and the view is spectacular. Glad you got some ice cream; moving is so stressful! Take care of yourself.

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    I like # 2 too! I also have a recommendation – maybe you need some chocolate syrup on your ice cream! There is a reason that this line is in the song “I am woman, hear me roar.” That is hysterical that Vince is so tired…..it is a good theing that they (men) have us (women!)

    When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on! (author unknown but isn’t this a funny visual!)

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    pdudgeon says

    moving from a restricted sub division, into a restricted sub division.
    no gas stove, tile countertops, small kitchen, and lots of views out to a golf course when neither of you play golf………….

    i would keep looking.

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    Nancy B. says

    If I’d kept reading your posts, Judy, I wouldn’t have had to list all the reasons why the kitchen in the 4400 sq. ft. house didn’t seem ‘workable’, now it’s out of the running. Would you want to take up golf? The views are lovely from this house. Hope the move goes smoothly, or as smoothly as a move can go!