Everything is Better

Where did that pity party come from this morning?  I’m really not sad about moving.  I dread the chickens leaving tomorrow but I know it must happen and I’m so happy they’re going to a good home.  I think of wives whose husbands are in the military and the wife is holding down the fort for a year or more . . without being able to reach her husband on the phone or email immediately when needed so I know I’m being a wimp and I’ll do better.

I’m trying avoid going to the grocery store so we can use up what we have here but I decided Pop-Tarts and ice cream were necessities.  Vince refuses to buy Blue Bell . . I think just because he knows I’ll eat it before gets any but he had bought some off brand which was bad enough but the flavor was black walnut.  Try a root beer float with that!

Now I’m back on track.  I’ve had a Dr. Pepper and a Pop-Tart.  But . . the grocery store didn’t have Homemade Vanilla ice cream so I got a small container of Banana Split.  You know it’s time to move when the grocery store is out of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream!


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    Cindy in NC says

    I know tomorrow will be a tough day, but I have a feeling things will start looking up after that. Thanks for your shout out to military spouses. My son-in-law just returned from Afghanistan — his third and final deployment. He will leave the Army next month. I made a “thanks for serving our country” quilt for him and my daughter because they have both served.

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    Teresa H. says

    I’ve followed your blog for several months now and could not believe how much you got done. Now your secret is out! pop tarts, dr pepper and ice cream, a girl after my own heart.

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    Nancy says

    Sometimes a “pity party” is just what you need. Get it out, and then you move on. At least, that is my humble opinion. Pop Tarts are always my “go to” in times like that.

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    I’m glad you’re feeling better Judy. Let’s face it — moving is a traumatic experience no matter how you slice it. You have every right to feel emotional about it, so don’t be upset with yourself for crying! Big hugs.

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    Robin says

    Blue Bell Homemade vanilla is the best!!!! And I agree that Pop Tarts ( brown sugar cinnamon unfrosted for me) and Blue Bell ice cream would definitely be a necessity aong with way too many other things .

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    You won’t have to worry about a shortage of Blue Bell where you’re going 🙂 Pick a flavor, any flavor!! (Except black walnut, yuk.) sometimes Blue Bell and Dr Pepper gives everything a new perspective 🙂

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    Mary says

    I’m not crying (yet) but of the 3 options on the table right now, there’s one I’m not thrilled about. I will be glad when we have some definite plans and can get back to the planning stage.

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    You are entitled to a pity party! We all need that once in a while and your reason is a good one. A pop tart and a Dr. Pepper…..that is an impressive, comforting snack. 🙂

    House #6 had a really nice big kitchen! I’m a kitchen snob so that’s where my eyeballs head first. Double ovens!!!

    I think I need to go find something sweet now…that pop tart made my mouth water!!!

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    lw says

    I’m with Vince– before I found out I was allergic to milk, black walnut was my favorite.

    I agree that doing something as unsettling as moving (and having to give up your chickens) entitles you to a pity party and as many tears as it takes to feel better.

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    Brenda B. says

    Judy, Keep your chin up, you are doing great! House 6 has a really warm look to it. A fireplace in the kitchen – how cool is that!

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    Diane says

    You are correct! If you can’t get BB Homemade Vanilla it is time to go! I lived for 5 years in a place where we couldn’t get it, and it near about drove us crazy! We would drive 2 hours to Amarillo and buy it. I would carry plastic bowls and spoons and we would have an ice cream party in the van. The kids thought we were the coolest parents. That lasted until we moved and they became teenagers! LOL
    Don’t feel bad, even when we would move from a place I didn’t care for I still cried because of the memories. I thougth of what the kids had done (learned to walk, learned to swim, ride bikes, etc) and I would cry.

    My friend who is moving to the Ft Hood area put and offer on a house yesterday. They looked at a LOT of houses.

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    Donna in KS says

    Well, Judy, I agree with you on the “off brand”…..but as to the flavor, a scoop of black walnut with a scoop of strawberry is just pretty good! I haven’t had it in awhile and now I’m wanting some!! Moving is a major life event, so allow yourself to express your emotions about it. I’m just glad you feel free to share so much of yourself regarding this move. Hope the house situation sorts out fairly soon for you.

  13. 18


    Moving to Texas, Blue Bell Ice Cream and Dr. Pepper will absolutely change your life. They are SO different (and everywhere!) in Texas. After all, both are Texas brands!

  14. 19

    Cindy M says

    We lived in Texas for 12 1/2 very long years… moving to Colorado in 2001. Blue Bell ice cream was one of the only things I missed… it wasn’t distributed up here until a few months ago. Now I’m set! And yes, Homemade Vanilla is the best ever.

  15. 20


    Oooohhh, warm up a poptart, break it in half and sandwich that wonderful ice cream in the middle. Warms my heart just thinking of it.

  16. 21


    You are doing well. Pity parties are o.k., as long as they don’t last a long time…
    Man, I haven’t had a Pop Tart in YEARS. MY mouth is watering…might have to get a couple…just for this purpose…but then I will eat them all…so maybe not….
    Of it all, I hate the “unknown”. I want to have a plan, a house, so I can think about where stuff is going when I start to pack, and stuff like that. I get much more anxious when I dont know what’s happening, not sure why…
    Not usually an ice cream fan (but LOVE dairy) I can take it or leave it. (It’s o.k, I feel the same way about chocolate…) but love smoothies with FRESH FRUIT. But, it has to be good ice cream. Life it to short to eat bad food!!