House #6

A new listing! (The realtor’s website seems to work sometimes and not other times so if you get a “forbidden” screen, try again if you want to see the photos. Not much else I can do because the link is right.)  I’m not getting my hopes up because there are only three bedrooms but it has a game room so that could work for the longarm.   Look at that kitchen –  it has a gas stove and double ovens!  It’s a long way from the stove to the sink and I can see how that would be lots of walking but the worst thing for me in a kitchen is to feel trapped.  I’m always standing in the middle of my kitchen with something dripping and Vince is in my way.  I so rarely use a microwave that I wish I didn’t even have one.  Mine is above the stove and we’re constantly jockeying for position .. him at the microwave and me at the stove.  So, I think I would love having the sink clear across the room out of the path to the fridge or the stove.

That’s a family room to the right of the kitchen sink.  I’d be real happy if I could take that for my sewing room and be there close to the kitchen.  I don’t know if there’s another family or living room somewhere in the house.  There is a little sun room but that may be what they’re calling them game room but I doubt we’d want that for our family room if I took over the real family room.  It’s hard to believe there’s 3,400 square feet with 3 bedrooms and not another family room but we wont’ know til Vince sees it.

My fingers are crossed again!



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    Freda Henderson says

    Very nice Judy. I like it better than any you have shown… but that’s just me!

  2. 4

    Beth in Louisiana says

    Hi Judy – I love the kitchen and the sauna! Looks like Old Cypress cabinets in the kitchen. those are lovely.

  3. 5


    O, I love this house’s features, it has a lot to offer. Love all those FPs and the sauna and the decor, and o what a gorgeous kitchen! Good luck on this one and all the others too.

  4. 8

    pdudgeon says

    lookin’ good! and lots of room for fruit trees, your three cars, and a shop for Vince. I think i’d grab that one in a hurry if i were you, or at least tell the realator to hold it for you, so you’ve got first dibs on it. I like the idea of a fireplace in the kitchen too.

  5. 10

    Diann Smith says

    Very nice house but I wouldn’t want to have to clean four bathrooms every week. Lazy girl me. And you have a walk from the sink to the stove but really the whole house looks very nice in the pictures. Good luck on your search. This is the nicest one you have shown IMP.

  6. 11

    Cindy C says

    This one looks great. I love all the windows, brick, fireplaces. Nice yard for Speck to be out in. Also a nice little patio.

  7. 17


    That is a NICE kitchen! My hub would LOVE to have a kitchen anything like that! We are really lacking in space around here (950 sq ft., with a basement tho) Wish we could move….hub will NEVER give up this stupid house. He is just so much more attached to “stuff” then I am.
    I hope you find a house that you can live with. It is hard. I like the sauna (we have one, LOVE it, but we only use ours 7 months out of the year in N. MN. now) but the hot tub would be nice too. I have liked all of the houses, so I don’t think I would be a good judge. Glad you are picking!

  8. 18

    lw says

    I love the kitchen! It has everything– including a fireplace! And 1.6 acres– you could plant fruit trees. This is a great house, I hope it’s as wonderful in person.

  9. 19


    I’m enjoying house hunting with you Judy! This looks like a very nice place. Like yourself I can’t figure out the game room, sun room, family room locations. I did see what I thought would be the living room. or is that the family room?
    I always Google what you show us. Street image is probably something you may want to look at if you haven’t already. Austin Street looks like a main thoroughfare to the other adjoining streets. How much traffic is on Austin St.? you wonder.

  10. 20


    I like the house. The large lot is a nice selling point. Don’t you wish the websites all included a floor plan so you could look at flow and figure out what they mean by “Game Room?”

  11. 22


    I like this house too! I’ll keep good thoughts for you. Hope you and Vince like it when you see it for real. I see painting walls in your future too. They really staged it for the pictures you can tell. Quilts a bonus…

  12. 23

    Teresa H. says

    This sure looks like a winner. I hope you get to see it soon, it’s the only way you will know for sure.

  13. 25

    Linda H says

    Bright and airy with lots of windows and high ceilings. The kitchen is gorgeous. Too bad they didn’t install a restaurant-style spigot beside the stove. With the icemaker not too far away, perhaps still a possibility? It’s a beautiful house. Maybe not as much acreage as you might want? but still enough to garden, raise chickens, add a storage building, etc. It’s hard to know what to trade off in choosing a home. We traded off a nice kitchen for DH’s swim pool. I’ve been sorry every since –in a lot of ways. My turn next time! 🙂

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    I’m thinking the floor tile in the kitchen looks ALMOST like a Bright Hopes quilt block. Maybe its a sign! Love the kitchen. Nice too that even tho the rooms are decorated with kid stuff..not a whole lot of bright walls.

  15. 28

    Dorothy S says

    I like the house, but seeing fireplaces in the house in TX surprise this Colorado girl!! Don’t think of Texas needing them…Good luck!

  16. 29


    Oooo! I like it. Great kitchen. For me, the most important thing about a kitchen is a window over the sink. Not sure why, just need to have it there. Someday, I hope to get my gas range too. My current electric one is about shot.

  17. 30

    Robin says

    Love the kitchen and the fireplaces, back patio looks nice too but i think it looks too close to the neighbors for me. Of course listen to me- my current house has a small back yard which is waaaay too close to the neighbors and the house next door with the dog that barks all evening long is too close beside us. Wish I’d known about the noisy dog before I bought the place!!

  18. 31


    Looks like plenty of sun in the back for a big ol’ garden! And have you checked restrictions/ordinances for chickens in town? Some towns will let you have them if you have a certain size lot.

    To me, this looks like the one – at least the one I would pick.

  19. 32

    Jane says

    I think this is my favorite one so far. But I suppose it’s not my decision! LOL When is Vince going to look at it???

  20. 33

    carol c says

    Thought of you today, DH went to DOwn Home Ranch to do some volunteer work
    and they have a dded a chicken coop with a 20×40 covered area for them plus their little coop. Now I get home and see this new listing. I sure hope this is what you are looking for as the kitchen seems made for you, all you might have to do is put in gas stove-lol