My Goal for Today:

Get through one day . . just one day without crying!  My friends, Sarah and Judy, are probably saying .  . ain’t gonna happen!  If I call Sarah crying one more day, she’s probably going to block my calls.  If I send Judy another email telling her my problems, she’s probably going to change her email address and not give me the new one. And Vince!  Men!  Yesterday he called and asked what the realtor had said and I told him she felt really bad because I had cried and he said “Why are you crying? Heck if I know!

Monday the realtor came to give us an appraisal.  She’s a very sweet lady and she was our realtor when we bought the house.  We were talking about how it seemed like just  yesterday we were here during a major snow storm looking for a house.  When we were here looking at the house, the realtor had told us that the lady who was living here, also moving with the same employer, loved living here and had cried about leaving.  I was praying Linda wouldn’t bring that up but she said “I remember how much Julie hated leaving” and I was trying to hold back my tears . . but the dam broke.

Tuesday I had to go to the dentist.  My crown had a hole in it and I had him look at it in February.  He said “let’s just watch it”.  He could tell the hole didn’t go all the way through.  I told him we might be leaving and he told me if we were moving, he would replace the crown.  When I walked in yesterday, he stopped and said “I guess this means you’re leaving!” and I started crying right in the dentist office.

Today another realtor came for the final appraisal.  We’ve looked at some country properties with her and she’s also very sweet and kind.   She said “How do you feel about leaving?”  Wrong question lady!  Then she felt so bad for making me cry but I assured her it happens at least once a day so she shouldn’t be concerned.

Tomorrow the new owner comes for the chickens so you can bet that will not be a good day.  So . . folks . . if there’s going to be any day this week I make it through the day without crying, it better be today.  Wish me luck . . I’m going to need it!

And, furthermore . . I am not having a root beer float today.  Every evening I tell myself it’s ok because I’ve had a rough day but one can only consume so many root beer floors before one must go to the next larger size jeans.  I’m just one more float from needing that next size.  Darn it!




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    I wish I knew some good jokes to try and cheer you up! Hope today is a good day for you! Maybe take a packing break to sew.

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    Ahhh…Judy. I am guessing all or most of your readers have been in this boat a time or two. I know I have (you, too). A lake of tears shed. It cannot be stopped but the really good thing is that you can say it all here and no one is going to judge you! Just keep on posting. I’m guessing (hoping) it can be therapeutic. The internet is a wonderful thing. 🙂

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    Embrace it Judy! I’ve gone through some dry spells when I really wish I could have a good cry. It really feels much better to cry than to not be able to cry.

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    Mary Beth says

    I could tell you my wedding dress story again….you always like that story. Go to Wal-Mart and get one of those house dress things…you know…I want to call it a MooMoo, but that sounds wrong in every way…and I am sure you spell it a different way….like not in a cow kind of Moo 🙂 Then get a root beer float. This way you won’t have to worry about those blasted jeans. When you get to Texas you will have lots of flat county to walk around and lose the float fat. There, that had to make you smile 🙂

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    I am feeling your tears -we bought nine years ago, I thought for the last time. Little did I know the steps would become a problem, we need one story – the six acres (all landscaped) would take eight hours to mow/weed eat/edge and here we are ready to sell and move. I still do not want to go, eventhough my mind says we have to, I still do not want to leave everything we did to make it ours. I know the tears will soon start – and everyday I think about how settled we both were in our spaces – and going to the next phase of life is a little scarey because of the obstacles to overcome – like finding a houses that fit our needs. If only we could select jobs around the house we want to live in. Life could/should be simpler. Judy C

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    Cyndy says

    I too understand the pain of leaving your home. It’s not just the house, it’s all the people and places and the everyday that is so dear and so familiar. I’ve even cried in the checkout at the grocery store. LOL! Facing all the changes when one would much rather be doing the usual and ordinary is much like a grieving process. I always mourn the life I’m leaving. Even though you know there are wonderful people that you will come to love in your new life, it’s hard to take comfort there. After all, you haven’t met them yet! What you are doing is hard work in every sense of the word. Hugs to you Judy and it WILL get better one day.

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    I’m sending ginormous friendship hugs to you to help you get through the day. If you need to cry, cry……it’s good for the soul. If you need a root beer float, you might want to think about sugar free. 😉

    Hope it’s a good day for you.

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    Alma says

    A song from long ago, made by Marlo Thomas was called “It’s Alright to Cry”
    Here are some of the lyrics from the song:

    It’s all right to cry
    Crying gets the sad out of you
    It’s all right to cry
    It might make you feel better

    Raindrops from your eyes
    Washing all the mad out of you
    Raindrops from your eyes
    It’s gonna make you feel better

    Go ahead and cry!!

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    trina says

    Judy here are some hugs for you. It does get better, I promise. Remember I am the one that moved 18 times. Except I did all my crying after we moved. It does get better. I promise. It is okay to cry.


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    Company moves are alwyas so stressful. Been through that twice over the course of our careers and it doesn’t get easier with practice. I wish it did. Tears are a good way to release stress, there are actual hormonal changes that happen when you cry. So if you feel the need to cry, even if you don’t think you have a reason, maybe your body is trying to deal with the stress. Sometimes our bodies know what we need better than we do.

    Wish things were going smoother for you.

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    Go ahead and have your cry. As I’ve read your blog it won’t last forever and you’ll feel better. We all need a release of emotions.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    I’ve lived in 14 houses during the 45 years of our marriage. Sometimes, giving up a home was so sad, but yet we made a new home and kept cherished memories of the one left behind. It wasn’t easy, and yes, tears were shed. However, I learned that it isn’t the structure that we live in that truly brings happiness, but rather the love of family, friends, and the love of what we do that really counts.

    Being from a beautiful area in the Ozarks, it was shocking when we had to move to a hot, dry, flat area where the people were unfriendly and rude to anyone who was not born there. I learned a lot about people during those six years of my husband’s transfer there and it made me so appreciate where I live now. All I can say is just “bloom where you are planted” and make the best of it. Perhaps it will turn out to be a good move for you in the long run.

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    Marky says

    I was going to say what Kate said (more eloquently). Moving is stressful. Been there, done that. Cried too…sometimes before, sometimes after, sometimes before and after. Tears are a stress reliever. That’s probably why women have fewer stress related heart attacks. We let it out with tears. Crying gets us through to when life smooths out again. And it will. You’ve been there, done that before so you know it will get better. In the meantime, you’ve got an Internet support group. Lean on us!

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    Well, we are all here for you, darling. Once you find yourself a dream kitchen and the perfect sewing room, you will feel so much better. You have too many things hanging right now. You probably feel so lost, nowhere to go to, no where to stay with.

    You probably didn’t see this on my blog, but DiNozzo ate my shoes, then the cord on the string of chili lights I keep in the den, then the end cap on my rolling knee chair I had in class, the handle on the seam ripper and the scoop for the cat litter.

    I say go hug Speck, he has been so good this week!


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    Now here’s another point of view… All that water escaping from your eyes.. does that mean you are loosing weight? Guess not, but I wish you well with the move, the houses you have been looking at are “dream houses ” to me, makes my little English home feel like the size of your chicken coop!
    Home is where the heart is, and Texas will be great.

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    I feel so bad for you Judy…this is really hard. Take some goodbye pictures of your chickens for us…we will miss them too!

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    Sandy says

    {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} to you Judy. I am a crier too and feel your pain. I think you will like Texas once you get there and get your “nest” settled. Until then, don’t feel bad to cry. It will get better. All of us are here for you so let out your frustrations and vent to us. Sometimes men just don’t get it, lol.

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    Grace says

    Oh, gosh, Judy. I’m sorry you’re so sad. There is a saying, “This too shall pass”, but there is not a saying about how sad and painful some things are while they are passing. Maybe a wonderful house with a great kitchen will go on the market this week, a house that you will love, and you will have something nice to look forward to.


    Psst, Judy, forget the root beer floats. Dr. Pepper floats taste awesome!! Guaranteed to make you feel much better.

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    Judy, you are made of tough stuff.

    It’s your move, and you can cry if you want to…plus it cleanses the soul. ~ksp

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    lw says

    I understand. When I dropped out of college after I got pregnant with my oldest daughter, I couldn’t stop crying. I married the father, and we moved into a tiny apartment, and I cried every morning for months (he was at work, so he didn’t know.) One morning I woke up, thinking I heard the bells at Sacred Heart Chapel, and thought I was late for class…it took me 16 years to get my bachelor’s degree and even now, toward the end of a great career as an engineer, I still feel sad thinking about it.

    You’re doing the right thing for the chickens, but it doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye. I’ll keep you in my prayers today.

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    What kind of person am I if every time I read that you starting, I GIGGLED! It just struck me funny! I’m SO not a crier. I blame it on the medication I take for hot flashes–I just am so NON-emotional any more. Whatever. . .

    I’m truly sorry you’re sad for leaving. You’re a sensitive spirit and I respect and admire that. Still . . . it made me crack up!

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    You are crying because you are mourning a loss…..even when we are happy about something new we are often sad about what we are leaving. I TOTALLY understand because I get sad when I get a new car because I am going to miss my old one (I give them names too! 🙂

    And it is ok to cry – emotions are THERE for a reason. So don’t try to make the tears stop. You are entering a new phase of your family life and that is enough of a reason to cry. Hey – I cried just because my grandangel turned 15 and will be driving soon…….I UNDERSTAND.

    sao in Midlothian, VA