They’re Gone!

Believe it or not, I didn’t cry when they left.  The lady, who is a hygienist at our dentist, her husband two children came to get them.  The kids were petting and holding the chickens.  They were scared of the man and lady but took right to the kids.  They picked dandelions for them and everything seemed fine.  They had a big cage and the chickens were loaded into the cage and put in the back of their pickup.  I gave them all the food, treats, watering cans . . everything.  They tried to pay me and I said “No . . thank you for giving them a good home!”  They assured me over and over that the chickens would be well cared for.  They heat their coop in the winter too so I was happy to hear that.

Nicole was here and they all knew her and she assured me they would give the chickens a great home.  I guess that’s why I didn’t cry — I know they’re going to be fine.  I had my camera with me but didn’t take pictures and I came inside the house before they drove away.  I was too afraid to watch them leave but . . no tears!  YAY!!

Now, if we can just get this house listed by Monday, everything will be much better.  We hit a bit of a snag with the relocation company but I think we’re back on track now so hopefully things will move along and at least by Tuesday or Wednesday, our house will be on the market.

Thank you all for the encouragement, for the assurances that it’s ok to cry every now and then and for confirming that root beer floats do solve most problems.  I already knew that but it’s so nice that others know it too! 🙂   And . . Chad went to the grocery store this morning and they had Homemade Vanilla ice cream and he brought home a half gallon so . . things are definitely looking up around here.


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    I’m so relieved and happy for you and the chickens. I haven’t commented about your move yet but know that I feel your pain! Even when you know it is right and you look forward to it…it is so totally stressful! I’m looking forward to your move since I have family in Houston so I might actually get to see you at a Texas quilty event…unless you have some vacation plans to Alaska in the works!

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    Freda Henderson says

    I’m going to miss the Ruby stories but I know you had to give them away.

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    Well, maybe you didn’t cry, but I did. They were part of you, Vince, Chad and many wonderful stories. It was the chickens that really got me reading your blog every day (and my husband was always notified when you had a blog about the chickens so he could enjoy them). Those silly fowl gave me many good belly laughs and I shall miss them in your life and remember them with great fondness. And on with the move . . . Bet you thought I read your blog for the quilts!

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    Pam says

    Eggcelent that you got the girls home with more girls.
    Not sure that you will see that many dandelions in Texas.
    My daughter was born in Texas and we still have relatives there. So it seems closer to me than Missouri.
    Glad things are moving along and keep that relocation company on the straight and narrow. My daughter has experience with them, not me.
    Hugs from the South (Carolina, that is).

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    Sandy says

    I always loved your chicken stories but I know you will be telling us about other interesting things in your life. It always makes it easier when you know they are going to a good home and will be loved by someone else too!

    Chad is certainly a compassionate young man to be thinking of his momma and trying to make her happy. You know the old saying, “if Momma isn’t happy, he isn’t happy” lol. Hope you get your house listed next week. Will be thinking about you over the weekend. It sure is alot of work to move, isn’t it?

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    Robin says

    What a good son!! We wil miss the chicken stories also adn I hope you don’t dry reading about how much we will miss them also.

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      Robin says

      Ooooops that supposed to be and cry not dry!!! The fingers and the brain aren’t connecting again!!

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    Nan says

    I am also glad that you found a good home for the chickens. Bravo to you for not crying over their leaving. You have a lot to look forward to. I love the pictures of the last house. Good luck!

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    Lucky darned chickens!!!! You will soon transition from this part of the move, which is all about letting go of things, to the new part, about embracing new things, places, people… well, maybe not chickens – but you will find something else to get yourself occupied with ! You just do not know yet what it will be. I am sure it will be something wonderful…

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    We will miss the girls, but as everyone else has noted, we stick around for you:) A new chapter cannot start until the old one closes.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Someone will get that beautiful purple chicken house, too. I hope the new owner of your home appreciates it.

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    Can’t wait to see what stories replace the “Ruby” stories in your life. The adventures of Judy L continure … It must feel really special that such caring people are giving them such a good home. Until the next adventure Judy C wishes you happiness on your journey.

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    Sorry to see the chickens go, but they are in a good home. What are you doing with the chicken coop? Waiting to see if the new owners want it?

    I sure hope you find a place in Brownwood that lets you have chickens again since you will probably hate having to go back to store-bought eggs. I’m sure you are going to miss that Amish store. At least you will have fun looking for new treasures in TX.

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    Mary says

    Pam… There ARE dandelions in Texas. Ask my neighbors; I have a bumper crop. Now, Judy, when you get to Texas you do have an alternative problem solver (to root beer floats). You get some Blue Bell Cookies N Cream Ice Cream– a couple scoops depending how bad the situation is. Since the scoops will be in a bowl, you’re gonna pour just enough milk to form a bit of a crust or coating on the ice cream. Now sprinkle some coarsely crushed Oreos on top of this mess! Your sharing with husbands and sons also depends on the situation. Dig in! I favor sitting in a recliner, with a good movie playing on TV, when eating this treat. Can’t move much after eating it anyways.