Chicken Memories

While we are missing our chickens, I know that in the grand scheme of things, my chickens being gone isn’t that big of a deal. It isn’t like we’ve lost family members, though we did love our chickens.  I use my cell phone for my alarm and I have what’s called the “Chicken Alarm” that goes off at 6:10 a.m. these days.  It’s set to go off every morning and I forgot to turn it off last night so at 6:10 this morning, I was awakened with a rude reminder that they’re gone. Yesterday Vince got an earlier flight home and was here in time to cut the grass.  When he’s cutting around the run, they run along the fence following him, hoping grass clippings with a bug or two will fly into the run.  Vince came in and said “This isn’t right!  They’re supposed to be out there!”

I was going through the blog this morning and some of these pictures brought a smile.

This is the day we got them.  I’ll bet that’s Ruby sitting on the food tray.  She always wanted to be on top of everything.

The coop took a tumble when Vince was trying to move it to the right spot.

This was their first day in the new coop.  They weren’t real sure where this little tunnel might lead but they checked it out.

The heart on the egg Ruby (I’m sure it was her!) left me.

Ruby looking lovingly at me . . or was she angry?

I could go on and on.   We have lots of pictures of them.  I think they were happy with us and I think they’ll be happy with their new home but we really do miss them!


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    good memories are a real gift. take comfort in having done so well by them all their time with you – and even in your parting, you took the best care of them!

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    And we (your followers) are all going to miss hearing about them and seeing pictures of them. But it is great that you found them a new, loving home.

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    What a nice tribute to the chickens! I guess you will always be The Chicken Lady regardless if you have chickies or not!

    You might just need to do a chicken quilt.

    glen: who has one in the UFO stack……….

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    They were more than “just chickens” they were your pets. Of course you miss them. It will get easier. I know it is comforting to know they went to good chicken people with kids who will play with them and take care of them right. BTW, I thought about you getting up this morning and being sad cause there are no chickens to take care of like always. Weird the stuff that gets to us. Have a good day today and have a blessed Easter!

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    Deborah Scott says

    I’ll miss the chickens too cause I ALWAYS enjoyed your posts about then and esp. Ruby! It’s hard when you get attached huh?

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    AWWW! I will miss your tales of Ruby and friends! Those were always a fun feature! Hope your move and new home is everything you hope it will be!

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    Marla says

    Oh Judy! We will miss your chickens too. I really hope you can have a home in Texas where you can have more someday if you want. Have a wonderful Easter with your family!–Marla

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    Carol says

    I’m so glad your chicken will have another nice home. Thanks for all the chicken memories. Happy Easter!

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    carol c says

    Ruby was looking up at her human mom, and trying to convey that she loved you

    and her feathers just couldnt hug you any harder.

  10. 16


    This made me sad! But I am sure they are in a nice home. I have a hen laying on 12 babies right now and also 7 2week old babies downstairs :)…I hope someday you can get more but if not you have great memories!