Road to Brownwood Fabric

The fabrics for my Road to Brownwood quilt have been chosen.

These are the fabric requirements:

Fabric 1 (where I used light yellow) – 1/4 yard
Fabric 2 (where I used med. yellow) – 3/4 yard
Fabric 3 (where I used dark yellow) – 2 yards
Fabric 4 (where I used light green) – 1/4 yard
Fabric 5 (where I used med. green) – 3/4 yard
Fabric 6 (where I used dark green) – 2-1/2 yards
Fabric 7 (where I used purple) – 3-1/2 yards

These are the fabrics I pulled:

Here’s the whole quilt again:

I didn’t have enough of any one purple . . so I pulled four different purples.  I figure I can use one for the sashing and the first border.  I can use another for the star blocks.  I can use another for the outer border and a mix of all of them in the squares of the pieced border.  I guess that’s three and I pulled four but I’ll figure something out.

The perfect backing fabric was hiding amongst my green stash.  Isn’t it perfect?  I love my stash!


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    Those colors really speak to me. I won’t be doing this one with you because I have too many other pans in the fire, but am saving it to make later. Maybe this fall. It is a beauty!

  2. 4

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    I was at your mom’s. I saw your stash. I wonder if they would hear me if I creeped in there in the middle of the night and picked out a piece or two and sneaked out. Oh, what lovely colors. What fun ahead. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous. I love the pattern.

    I will miss your chickens. I have grown found of Ruby.

  3. 5

    Julie says

    I love the colors. I don’t live far from Brownwood ( far is a relative term in West Texas). We welcome you to Texas!!

  4. 8

    Dana Pellerin says

    thanks for the pattern road to Brownwood this quilt just pulls me to it. your color placement is just so beautiful. Guess I will start pulling my fabric and see what I come up with. Dana