House Hunt Continues

We’ve gone back and forth with every real estate site, every possible search we can think of to find a house.  Yesterday we sat down at the computer and went back over every single house within our price range and tried to think outside the box a bit to see if we were overlooking anything that we could make work.  We dissected and analyzed why each house wouldn’t work and what we could do to make it work.

We’ve come up with two possibilities and plans as to how we could make each work.  One I’m more excited about than the other but I’m not ruling anything out.  I’m not sharing the links just yet but will describe them both.

House #7 – We had overlooked it before because . . well, truthfully, it’s over the price we wanted to spend but we’ve had to raise our limit a bit.  Also, it’s exactly half the size of the house we have now.  We had planned to downsize a bit . . maybe not by half though. Don’t forget . . we have a plan!  🙂  It has 2 bedrooms and we wanted 4 bedrooms.  It has 2 tiny bathrooms but . . we have a plan!   The best part, and probably the selling part for us — it has over 100 acres!  No restrictions!  No rules!  No neighbors.  Definitely plenty of room for chickens, bees and anything else we might decide to do. And, definitely plenty of room for our plans to work.  I’m really excited about it.  We haven’t seen it yet but from the pictures, it looks like we could move in without having to do much — maybe change out a few of the floor coverings.

House #8 – Vince is more excited about this one.  The price is way more than we wanted to spend but it also has lots of acreage in an area where land is kinda in demand (real close to town) so he’s thinking he’ll figure out how/if he can subdivide the property and sell off a few 5 acre tracts to offset the cost of the house.  My vote still goes with House #7.

I’ll keep you posted  . . .


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    Diane says

    As I was looking at your post before I read much I thought to myself, Judy like #7 the best. 🙂
    #7 have a large paragraph telling all about it, #8 has a couple of sentences. LOL!
    Good luck with all of it. I know it is nerve racking. We had to raise our top price a couple of times. Moving from Alabama where prices of home/property is probably the lowest in the US, to Florida where the prices are way higher we had no idea. It only took us one trip with the realtor to know we had to raise the limit.

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    pdudgeon says

    Hmmmmm, so could you do house #7 and live in it while you build your dream home, and then convert the original house into Judy’s quilting studio?

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    Perry says

    Closing in! You will reach a conclusion soon I am sure. Don’t forget, night does come in the boonies with or without acreage…can you stand the night without anyone not close by and Vince not at home? Might be a consideration. I would personally vote for house #8 just for the potential of income and because it is close to town. You didn’t mention how many minutes from work House #7 was. Either way, you and Vince will pick the best one for your family regardless of what we onlookers think, lol. We are all pulling for you but you know that.

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    One thing I haven’t seen you mention is the water…. how is the water in Brownwood? And what about a storm shelter?

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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, try to find something that has a view of the sunsets out there.
    It’s amazing how the sunsets go all across the horizon. You’ll love seeing those at night so be sure to have somewhere you can view one. Tell Vince to keep in mind those people are going to be really close he sells those tracks to. My BFF in Drippin Springs did that and they have a jerk next door that collects junk. It’s an eyesore. Be careful who you sell to. I don’t think I’d personally like someone that close. I like the 100 acres. We have 88 and the neighbors are close enough. Growing up as a child in San Angelo, then living in Dallas for 35 yrs., has really made me enjoy the wide open spaces. I like sleeping w/doors/windows open and not being scared to death. It’s wonderful in the country. I lived out here for 5 yrs. before I married and I never felt scared. Even the coyotes didn’t bother me. Good luck. It’s nerve wracking but in the end, you’ll love Brownwood. Great people out there.

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Are you working with a licensed Realtor? Not just a “real-estate agent,” but a Realtor? Preferably someone with over 20 years of experience, because that will go back to the oil bust in Texas and the very slow rebuild of values, then the more recent crash in values that we’re all still struggling with. Such a Realtor (and no, I’m not one, but ours got us this house in 1997 and we’re still here) will have good insight and advice on both houses.

    Best wishes for a happy move and a happy Easter.

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    Have you thought to look at houses in lower price range? SOmetimes you find just what you want and it isn’t as expensive. Lots of luck I hope you find just what you want.

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    Sharlene says

    It’s so great for you to share with all of us your saga of changing homes. You have kept us in suspense along the way. We’ll be pulling for you to
    find the best for you without a huge turmoil.

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    Connie V. in Athens, GA says

    Judy, Tell Vince to get the 100 acres and forget the other place!! He’s going to mess around and blow the chance to have a ranch!! Crazy man! Please tell him I said that.

    Connie at Noramco

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    OMG NOW I’m excited for you, woohoo!!!! LAND!!!! You can deal with the house with LAND! I can’t wait to see both!

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    Debbie in Texas says

    I’m so excited you’re moving to Texas! You will love it here. My parents moved here when I was 6 months old and I’ll never leave. Why did you decide on Texas?