Design Wall – April 25, 2011

Another victim of the move . . my design wall has come down, nail holes have been filled and the spots repainted

The camera wouldn’t focus on a blank wall so I had to tape the quilt drawing up there.  Pretty sad to see a blank wall where my design wall used to be.  For the next couple of months, I’ll be using the floor or the bed for my design wall.  Here’s what I’ve been working on . . getting the pieces cut for my Road to Brownwood top that I can work on while in the hotel.



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    Good morning Judy. My wall is also blank this morning but hopefully it will be back in use this afternoon. I love following the progress of you Road to Brownwood.

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    That’s just one of the frustrating things about moving — there’s no place to do your “stuff” during the couple of minutes when you aren’t packing and moving. Just try to remember that you will soon have an even better design wall and space.

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    Am I the only one who found it quite funny that there’s a drawing of a quilt on the wall? Before you know it, you’ll be moved in and have your design wall installed in your new house. 🙂

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    I completely understand about missing that design wall. We just moved from our house to a rental house (we want the check in-hand from the house sale before we sign the contract with our builder) this weekend. I haven’t touched my sewing machine in more than a week and I doubt I’ll be able to take it out anytime soon. Right now, the rental is a mess of boxes and we’re trying to figure out what the minimum amount of things are that we have to unpack in order to live there for the next 5 months. No sewing for a little while. 🙁

    Good luck with the house hunt and I’m sure you’ll find a way to still make your quilt tops…even if you’re in a hotel! 🙂

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    Cherrie says

    I purchased this portable design wall several weeks ago and it’s pretty awesome. I live in a log house, use the large loft for my quilt studio but it has no walls to use. After years of using the floor to lay out designs this has just been wonderful. I have the largest one, it’s fast and easy to take down and stash when I need to and very nice to take when teaching a class. Don’t know the maker and get nothing for recommending them.

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    I have a portable design wall you can borrow! Cheryl Ann i think is the maker. I saw it in the magazines.

    When are you leaving? Glad blogs are portable! Can’t do without my BFF!