Searching and Searching

If only I could remember anything!  When I was in Louisiana a few weeks ago, I took projects to work on.  Mom has a Bernina 930 so I took my favorite 1/4″ feet along so I could work on a project.  The last thing I remember about that project and those feet is after I got home, I had set the bucket on a roll of batting that was laying in the floor.   I’ve worked on that project and got it to another level of completion and will take it with me on my next road trip.   I thought I had completely emptied out that bucket but couldn’t find my 1/4″ feet.  They fit my 930 and 1230 machines but not my 430 so I haven’t needed those feet since I got home.  It’s a toss up whether I take a Singer 301 or the Bernina 1230 with me on the next trip so I wanted to find those 1/4″ feet.  Could not find them anywhere.  I searched and searched, trying to remember what type plastic bucket they were in.  I knew the blocks I’d worked on at mom’s were in a bucket but thought I had put them into a different bucket after working on them here.  After spending no less than an hour looking for those feet, I decided to open the bucket with the project and . . there were the feet I was looking for.

Why didn’t I look in that bucket in the first place?

My Road to Brownwood project is all packed and ready to go too.

Add a couple of knitting projects and I’m ready for a road trip!


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    I wish I could say that I don’t have a clue as to why you couldn’t find them but I understand completely!!! Sometimes I make myself crazy!!

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    I spend half my time looking for stuff. Still have not found the Outhouse blocks in the January UFO Challenge! And I have “cleaned” the quilt room at least twice since then.

    The only good thing about moving would be it would force me to totally clean up and reorganize my quilt room


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    Alma says

    If I had a nickel for everytime I did something like that………I would be SO rich!

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    Linda in NE says

    Experience says that whatever you’re looking for will be in the very last place you’d think to look. You found them & that’s what counts.

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    I swear we all need big box marked SAFE SPOT so we have someplace safe to put our stuff. I would make one but I can’t remember where I put the marker. 😉

    Glad you found your feet. Kitting up projects is so very clever.

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    WiAmy says

    Now that is what I call organization! I’m impressed. You sure deserve some time to sew. I hope that you find just the right place soon and that the other house (notice how I’m trying to detach from it) sells promptly!

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    Good luck on the house hunting trip and I hope you find something that just clicks with both of you.

    I can relate to trying to find things – I get extra steps in walking around the house trying to find things. I do try to put keys, purse and phones in the same place, but every now and then I mess up and lose them.

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    Maybe instead of a new quilt project you could show us all how to prepare for a road trip… you look so organised! I want to know exactly what is in that “bucket”!

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    LOL! I can so relate. I couldn’t find a geneology (sp) my older sister had done on my father’s side of the family. I looked in every place I thought I might have put it. A couple of times. Would you believe the third time I looked in a box with family pictures there it was right in the top. How did I miss it the first two times I looked? LOL I haven’t followed the weather in Brownwood but I know we have been getting rain. Yay! I was in the Ballinger/San Angelo area this weekend with my mom. They didn’t get rain but areas north of Coleman got large hail and possible tornadoes. While I was gone DH said he heard a roaring noise and neighbor a half mile south of us confirmed they had watched a funnel cloud. Wow.

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    Lorraine says

    I searched and searched for a BOM packet….finally made a substitute block….then months later found it in a bag in the freezer!! I had stopped at the bread store after the quilt shop….combined items into one bag…and just tossed the bag of bread into the freezer!!! Who would’ve thought??!!

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    melissa says

    I agree with Happy Room Diana….maybe you can tell us about your plastic bags and bucket preparation. It looks VERY organized and logical.