In the past, I’ve mentioned how I save everything.  But Vince . . he’s way worse than I am.  This weekend as he was going through stuff, here are some of the treasures he found:

A certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Mechanical Drawing in junior high!  Who would ever have figured he’d grow up to be an engineer?   🙂

His high school football program!

With a picture of him in his uniform inside!

He’s kept everything!

These things, along with lots of other treasures, get packed away for the move, only to be seen again when we’re going through stuff for the next move.


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    Yes, do keep them. Wait till you have grandchildren, put them in some order or even in a nice box and present them at an appropriate time. You’ll be glad you did. And later the grandchildren will be happy to know about the interesting things he did and the kind of person he turned out to be.

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    Linda says

    so- if some of this stuff gets diverted in this move – he won’t ever know. And Chad won’t have to deal with them! My kids are great kids and we are very close but they have no interest in my “stuff”!

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    Mary Beth says

    Hey, I remember the business card from the salesman and your Mustang….Don’t give Vince a hard time 🙂

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    Cindy C says

    They are surely treasures. Need to put them in a scrapbook (along with some of your stuff) so it is in one place and can be cherished by Chad and his kids or even their kids. I also have many things stuck around the house. My mother-in-law kept all kinds of school things and gave them to us after we were married about 5 years. He enjoyed looking at the report cards and momentos. Our kids have also.

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    My sisters and I recently found some graduation “certificates” for my mother (who is now 84) from when she graduated from one Sunday School class to another back in the 1930’s. They are precious. While our mother doesn’t particularly think they’re of any value, to my sisters and I they are.

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    Sandy says

    DH and I have alot of in common with Vince as we are savers too. What fun it is to look at the receipt when I bought my first new car, a 1970 Mustang, 302 engine, and with tax and license it was under $3000.00. I still have the card with the room number and name of the motel we spent our wedding night. I think it is neat Vince found that picture and program, etc and should keep it. I know I am of no help, Judy. Maybe it has something to do with like we save stash but Iam hopeless, lol.

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    Susan T says

    I belong to the packrat variety when it comes to certificates etc. We did have to cull DH’s a while back because he got certificates for everything while he was in the Air Force. Some were almost duplicates, as he took courses while a corporal, then had to take them again when he got his commission, even though the courses were much the same, taught by the same instructors at the same “school”.
    I always depended on our regular transfers as a time to sort through the “stuff”. That was one of my biggest fears when retiring. Now we have to plan a time to sort various areas of our home – and it takes up valuable quilting time!
    Looking around my sewing area, I need to do some sorting soon, but find it hard to give up anything, because I know I’ll need it the day after it leaves…….
    I still have the programs from dance recitals, as well as band concerts etc. Some things are too precious to discard!

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    Diane says

    My husband the genealogist would say to keep everything! One day one of your great great grandkids will want to see what GGGrandpa looked like in jr high. And they will want to tell their kids that GGG Grandpa was an outstanding student so get back to your school books!

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    Those are all treasures–and they don’t take up much room at all. Some day he’ll go to a high school reunion and everyone will think they’re great. I’d keep them all!! (Sorry, Judy. . . )

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    Barb in MI/FL says

    My mom kept all that sort of thing for each of us, so I still have my 4-H pins and awards… I think I still have the skirt I made in 2nd year… don’t know what happened to my apron from 1st year! I completely understand Vince keeping his treasures.

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    Glen in louisiana says

    My mom lost all our kid stuff in Katrina. I miss not having a past!

    glen : who saves everything…….

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    carol c says

    those are his accomplishments in his life
    they made him what he is today
    important to whomever he chooses
    good for him