Road to Brownwood Instructions Part 1

There are a lot of quarter square triangles in this quilt.  Use your favorite method to make them.  I use Triangulations® software but if you’re not sure how to make quarter square triangles, my suggestion is to google “how to make quarter square triangles” and find a method that looks like something you’d like to try.  Make a few to see if you enjoy that technique and to be sure they’re coming out the correct size.

These will all need to be 3-1/2″ unfinished, or 3″ finished.

1.  Using Fabric 3 (dark yellow) and Fabric 7 (purple), make 24 quarter square triangles.

2.  Using Fabric 3 (dark yellow) and Fabric 6 (dark green), make 24 quarter square triangles.

3.  Using Fabric 2 (medium yellow), Fabric 5 (medium green) and Fabric 7 (purple), make 24 quarter square triangles.

Stick them all aside and we’ll use them again real soon.


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    Sandi Price says

    Okay, I’m getting excited! I’ve never done a “Quilt along” type thing and I do love this quilt. I went through my stash and played with colors and decided to do a “Road to Christmas” quilt (since I’m a long way from Brownwood – LOL) I have been wanting to do a Christmas red/green/gold throw anyway and have decided this is it. I am going to make it more of a throw size too by leaving off one horizontal row of stars and log cabins. I hope I’m not changing it too much from the original. I did have to go purchase some more red, but the rest is all from stash. Got to go start making quarter square triangles now so I’ll be ready for step 2.