Lint Sheets

For those who haven’t heard of the lint sheets, they’re really very useful.  We keep them in our cars, in my purse — everywhere.  They’re great for removing not only lint but dog hair and threads.  The link is to a reseller on Amazon and I’m not sure where else you can find them — Target maybe?


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    so the lint sheets are like the lint rollers only more compact? Nice, will have to look for some – I keep a lint roller in my car, but it doesn’t fit in my dinky glove box……..

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    VickiT says

    I have a long haired cat that sheds a lot so I have lint rollers everywhere. I keep one in my van too so that when we leave the house escaping the fur I can pull the roller out and use it. I actually pull a single sheet off the roller then use it just like those lint sheets you posted about. It is alot cheaper than the individual packets since a roller has 70 sheets or more depending on the brand/size purchased and they cost about the same amount, if not less. Of course, you can’t really carry those in your purse too easily. I have bought the mini-rollers in the past though and tossed those in my purse.

    Are the sheets any stickier than the lint roller sheets?