Sharing the Kitchen

Chad and Nicole decided they wanted to cook over the weekend.  They went through several cookbooks trying to decide what to make and since I had a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering, they decided to make lasagna.

Those two really seem to have fun together, though they made quite a mess in my kitchen!

The lasagna was great and there was plenty left over so Vince and I had it for dinner last night.

Chad found these little foil pans in the cabinet and fixed them to take to Nicole’s grandparents.  Such a nice boy!


  1. 1

    Alma says

    You are a great Mom and now you can leave town knowing Chad will not starve, thanks to your training. His “kitchen help” is really cute!!

  2. 2

    Sandy says

    You raised a wonderful son, Judy and Chad will be able to fly on his own. I think it is great he likes to cook from scratch like you and not just open a box of macaroni and cheese and call it dinner. You are a super mom.

  3. 3


    Chad and Nicole look like they are having such fun in your kitchen, and producing a nice meal. Wish my Mum had taught me how to cook, I could hardly open a tin of beans when I left home at 18 ! I’m sure you are going to miss Chad desperately when you move.

  4. 5


    You’ve raised a very thoughtful young man there, Judy. I think it’s wonderful that they like to cook together. I remember great times in the kitchen with the fellow who held my heart the longest. I have to admit I don’t like the clean up part either!