April UFO

Even though I thought I’d made the half square triangles for the border, I haven’t found them and wanted to go ahead and get this UFO finished so I added strips of the tone on tone batik, and then the striped batik, with the background yellow batik in between those borders.

It’s 61″ x 82″ and I thought about quilting it today . . we’ll see what the day holds.

My stash is so perfect!  Really . . I love it!  It’s sometimes hard to use it but look at the fabric I found for the backing.  Perfect, huh?

Sometimes (but not other times), it bothers me to sew two strips of fabric together and have the pattern not match up.  That may be because I used to hang my own wall paper and I fiddled with it til every little spring and leaf matched up perfectly.  But with my backings, I’m not going to fiddle with them so I just stuck a strip of batik down the middle.

And, while I was on a roll, I pieced and ironed my binding.  Now all I have to do is quilt it.  Yep, maybe I’ll do it today but you know what is happening today?  I have to go to the dentist.  Oh, how I hate that!  I should quilt this top and not think about the dentist, shouldn’t I?  Or, maybe I should just cancel my dentist appointment and quilt the top.  🙂


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    Your quilt is gorgeous. I am on my way to the dentist today too. We have to look after ourself so we can continue to quilt. LOL

  2. 2

    Karen says

    I’m right there with you hating to go to the dentist. But……if you cancel, eventually you’ll have to go and it will probably be worse than if you had kept the original appointment. Ask me how I know????
    Love the quilt – the colors are so cheerful.

  3. 3


    My DH hates the dentist too… long story. I love my dentist! Good luck with your visit, and hopefully it’s short so you can get to quilting!

  4. 4


    I love the fabric for your backing…I used that same fabric in many quilts as it just gave such sparkle! I was sad to use up the last bit 🙂

    I’d give you permission to quilt, but with your move, it might not be easy to reschedule your dentist appointment…

  5. 6

    WiAmy says

    Another beauty almost done! Might as well get the dental appointment done while you can. I can’t believe how much you have going right now and still manage to do everything with style.

  6. 7

    Doe in Mi says

    Love your bright beautiful smile getting quilt. I would be anxious to get it quilted too. But, everybody needs to go to the dentist sooner or later and you might as well get it over with TODAY! Look at it this way, pretty soon you will have a new dentist and maybe you will like him better than this one. My dentist retired a couple of years ago and I was just sick about it. He was so good. I have a woman dentist now and shes not bad but, miss the one I had for 45 years.

  7. 8

    Nan says

    I love the quilt! The backing looks perfect for it. I can’t wait to see how you quilt it.

  8. 9


    Go the the dentist and get it over with. For a reward you can then finish your lovely quilt.

    I am thinking of you each day as I unpack and look for things.

  9. 10

    Alberta in N GA says

    I vote for not going to the dentist; I went last week and ended up getting a back molar pulled! Needless to say, not happy, much happier being home quilting.

  10. 12

    Susan says

    I just love this quilt, the pattern, the colors, the backing, everything. I don’t like the dentist either but if I were in your situation of moving to another city I’d go ahead and keep today’s appointment and thereby could delay the agony of having to find and go to a new dentist in Texas.

  11. 14


    Love the quilt, and like your reasoning about the dentist. But do go, as much as we don’t like dentists, it’s best to get it over with to save us from future trouble.

  12. 16


    Judy..love the quilt that your making righ now..
    But I have a question that has nothing to do with quilting.
    with your moving and all, how do you find houses on line to look
    at. I have tried different things and can’t seem to find any thing
    except call a realtor. And thats not what I’m looking for,I want
    to look at some places on-line first. So thats my ? how or where do
    I go to find something like that?. Any help would be great. Thanks
    and keep up the great blog…I love visiting your blog. Connie