Which Panto?

The top is loaded.  This quilt has a name but I can’t remember what it is.  Fiesta Sunrise maybe??  Chad came up with the name.  Anyway . . whatever its name is . . it’s loaded and ready to quilt.  I’m using Warm & Natural batting.  Sometimes I’m asked how I decide which batting to use.  Today — there’s a bolt of W&N that’s been on the floor, in my way for weeks.  This quilt and one more and it will be empty and the cardboard tube can go into the dumpster.  How’s that for a way to decide . . just use whatever I wanted to get rid of!  Seriously, I do have some battings I like more than others for certain projects but this quilt will either be a donation quilt or one we use on the sofa or in the car so the batting doesn’t matter much.

The quilt is loaded and since I have to go to the dentist before I can start quilting, will you please help me decide which panto to use?  My choices are (again . . very scientific method of choosing — these two are already on my longarm so it will be one of them!) (1) Alfresco:

I like the “floweriness” of this one since the quilt is all springy as far as the colors go.  But, I love choice (2), which is Spiral Square because . . well, I love this panto so much!  The lines just make every quilt look great.

So, which one — Alfresco or Spiral Square?


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    I wouldn’t use spiral square – I’d be worried about the lines on the sprial being slightly off-kilter from the diagonals on the quilt. That would seriously bother the Engineer in me. If you know it’s going to be lined up (all angles are 45 degrees), then I think it would look great. But if not, I’d go with the other.

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    Melanie says

    Alfresco… Curves with straight piecing, straight lines with curved piecing. Plus, I love, love, love flowers.

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    Spiral Square is one of my favorites too. Since this could end up being a boy’s/man’s quilt, I would use Spiral Square. The quilt looks a little Aztec/western to me, and I’m not sure about the flowery design. Having said that, I know that whatever you use, it will be gorgeous!

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    Deb S. says

    Definitely Alfresco. It’s such a “springy, summery” quilt that it is just calling out for some flowers.

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    LOL. It is so funny to see how everyone has a different opinion. And you know Judy already has her mind made up.

    My first thought was the Sprial Square because it looked more Aztec-y then the flowers.

    glen: it needs really square stuff

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    lw says

    I agree with half of the folks here and vote for spiral square to keep the themes together.

  7. 15

    Eden Hunt says

    Spiral square goes better with the pattern of the quilt and aztec-i-ness of the colors… however, I’m with Krista in that if the diagonals are going to be off between the quilt and the quiltING that would make me crazy (I’m also an engineer! It must come with those brain cells!) Have fun.

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    ANN WIGHT says

    Alfresco..to balance the straight lines already in the piecing. I love the spiral square and I use it a lot also.

  9. 19

    Linda C says

    Spiral square to go with the overall spikyness of the quilt. I think you’re still at 50-50.

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    Sharon says

    My rule is to use quilting that has an opposite effect to the piecing. this helps to create more life and interest. Since your piecing is angular the quilting should be curvy.

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    I think the square quilting…cause it has straight lines…but definitely sounds like i’m in the minority on that one 😉

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    Truthfully……neither of these. You need some curves….but the flowers are just too “flowery”….it doesn’t go with the quilt at all. Hate to be the cog in the works…..and I’m sure whatever you use will do nicely. The quilt is absolutely beautiful!!

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    WiAmy says

    Alfresco would be my choice. The colors look soft to me so I think the curves of the flowers would enhance the “softer” look of this beautiful quilt.

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    I’d use the Alfresco, not because I dislike the Square Spirals but because I think it would go with the design of the quilt.

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    Cindy B. says

    I am going to vote and then go back and read the rest. So, my choice is the Spiral Squares. The quilt piecing has more angular appearance than flowery to me.

    Lightening bolts?

    Best Wishes!
    Cindy B.

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    Hate to be a “fly in the ointment”, but frankly, I would not use either of these…. the lines on Square Spirals will fight with your piecing lines. They are on the same angles as the piecing and the chances that the scales of the 2 designs will work together nicely is slim. I generally use curved quilting on geometric piecing, but this quilt really does not say “floral design, please!” to me. It needs something curvy, but more generic than floral. Something like “Wandering Spirals” would be good, but since I don’t know what types of pantos you have, I’m just guessing.

    I’m just too dang picky for my own good sometimes! It is YOUR quilt, so go for it!! Anything you do will look nice because it is a lovely quilt!!

    Kat in Tamale Land

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    Melanie says

    I agree with the ladies who say choose another panto lol. The flowers don’t go with the ‘flavour’ of the quilt but the spiral squares are too much with all the angles and lines in your quilt. Having said all that, it is your art and your quilts are always lovely so I’ll be interested to see what you choose.

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    Alfresco but only because you have it on the longarm! I agree with many others that since the quilt is very linear, the Spiral Square would just compete with the lines of the quilt.

  19. 41


    Oh boy! This is a tough one. I always like to see curves when there are straight lines so I would go for Alfresco. However…the sprial square seems to go with the quilt theme. I still don’t know if I would choose it though. Gee whiz, Judy! This is tough…..

    Okay….I’m going with the Alfresco! 🙂

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    Becky I says

    Alfresco, my friend. The curves will soften the harsh lines of the quilt top. To many straight line would confuse my eye. JMHO Have a great day!!

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    Square Spiral is not the answer. I know your reasoning, but I am not crazy about Alfresco either. Joust, bubbles, or something curvey would look great. I’m just not seeing flowers. 🙂

  22. 45

    Laura says

    I usually choose curvy pantos on angular quilts, but I like vines, paisleys, and loopy feathers rather than flowers.

  23. 46

    Susan T says

    I like Alfresco – the curvy lines are a great contrast to all the angles and straight lines in the quilt top.

  24. 47


    Yep, I’m going to have to agree with the others who have said “C — none of the above.” I love the Square Spiral design but I do think it would visually fight with your piecing lines. The floral panto, to me, is too “fussy” for this top. The piecing is simple, clean lines and not “frilly.” I’d like something curvy, but not so fussy looking. (Scientific term, there.) I don’t use pantos myself — don’t like not seeing what’s happening on the quilt while I’m quilting 😉 — so I don’t have any specific suggestions to offer. If I were quilting it, since all I tend to do is overall freehand work, I’d be tempted to do a spiral meander kind of thing. Or peacock feathers. Just off the top of my head, though I might come up with something even better if I looked at it long enough. In any event, I know when it’s finished it’ll be wonderful, because you made it. Have fun with it!

  25. 49


    I vote for Alfresco. The quilt has a lot of straight lines in it, so I think the curves of the Alfresco Panto would be a good balance to soften some of the straight lines….or you could just to a completely free-form design and not follow any panto. 😉

  26. 50

    Sandi says

    If you’re going to use a panto, then Spiral Square would be my pick. That way the quilt could go to either a male or a female…I would probably just freehand it, though, and throw in some curves and loops. But, I’m kinda weird, so…whatever you do, it will be beautiful!!

  27. 53

    Diane says

    I was actually going to say neither. I like both, but not for this quilt. I think it needs something with curves, but not flowers.
    I’m no help huh? 🙂

  28. 59

    peggy says

    I’m sort of late to the party, but “Alfresco”, please. The square is too, well, square for such a free and happy quilt top.

  29. 61

    Perry says

    Spiral Squares, I like the juxtaposition of lines on lines, and to me, this is a quit for a male person.

  30. 65

    Jan O in St Louis says

    I agree with Kathy E and the others who say try another panto. The lines in Spiral Squares will be off-kilter with the piecing; Alfresco is too sweet & flowery for the Santa Fe – Southwest feeling of this quilt. How about Baptist Fans?

  31. 69

    Sarah Stevens says

    I think I would spend a minute to look at other options. I love square spiral, but used it once on a quilt with similar angles and regret the “fighting” going on. But I think the flowery one is too… “flowery”. Even “Popcorn” would be an alternative that I think you would later appreciate as a better choice. I’m not sure what pantos you have within easy reach, but anyway that is my thought. No matter, have fun! Sarah

  32. 72

    Miriam says

    If choosing between the two, I say the spiral square, but I also agree something else would be better. Love the quilt.

  33. 75

    pdudgeon says

    “C”, none of the above…………use a baptist fan panto, and you’ll get the advantage of a curved shape, and a speedy design.

  34. 76


    I like Pdudgeon’s suggestion, but “Baptist Fans” is MY favorite.. since you already have the other two on the machine, I’d have to go with the Alfresco.

  35. 78

    pdudgeon says

    LOL isn’t that amazing—i STILL agree with my choice in April of ‘none of the above–try Baptist fans’.