Buttons Added

The Monochromatic Challenge and UFO Challenge buttons have been added back to the sidebar.  I’ve checked them on both IE9 and Firefox and they seem to be working.  If anyone has a problem with the blog not appearing correctly, please let me know.  Since I can never remember which number is which quilt for my UFO projects, I click on the UFO button and then on the list of participants, find my name (which is easy since I’m first!) and then I can find which project I’m to work on.   I’ve missed that little button!

Now that it’s taken me all morning to make and post those two little buttons . . let me go see what I can accomplish with my cleaning!  🙂


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    Loved your Fiesta Sunrise quilt and the quilting turned out so well. Wonder if you can mention again the name of your dot-fabric. I have a grandchild quilt in the works and I would love to get some of the dots to augment my bright colors. Love your blog. Glad you are moving to TX even if we seem to be on fire these days (you will see more rain where you are going.) Maybe more of us can get to meet you.

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    The blog’s still working on my Chromium (the original version of Google Chrome before Google took it over).