May UFO Number

Because today is Stash Report Sunday and I’m afraid if I put two link boxes in one day, I might confuse the link box so let’s just have the number drawn and then later in the week I’ll post a link box for the April completed UFO projects.

The number to be worked on in May is #9.  I’m afraid to even see what #9 is on my list but dig our your #9 project and get busy!  🙂



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    Yikes! It’s my cream and green quilt. I’m doing it quilt as you go and I think I have most of the blocks quilted. But not this month. UFO or not, I’ve got 7 other quilts which have to be finished before any quilt on my UFO list. The good news is all of them are UFOs — all but one just need quilting — so those are the quilts I’ll be working on in May and June. Perhaps I’ll catch up on the UFO list quilts after July 4th.

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    it’s sure nice to have you behind us, prodding us along, judy! i’ve gotten my UFO done for the month, and it was a strip exchange. as an extra bonus, the other women also finished thiers, and they are also up on my blog. my #9 is a civil war flying geese, using (most likely) eleanor burns’ method. i’ve never done that before…. thanks! and looking forward to the linky!

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    Thanks, Judy. I am excited to go look at my list to see what #9 is.

    This is really lots of fun. I have been on other UFO Challenge Lists where we got to CHOOSE which one we worked on…….that doesn’t work for me as well as having the suspense and then CHALLENGE of being given the number of the UFO.

    Happy Sewing when you get to Texas!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Ohhhhhhh! I am not finished with last month yet!

    oh oh! My number nines are the mystery quilt from sassi strippers (which is just a sandwich and a quilting and a binding job) but the other one is AUGHHHHH! My house!

    I did a workshop with Betty Alofs where you take a photograph of your house and then make a quilt. It was wonderful but I was terrified to quilt it.

    I guess now that my number has come up I will just have to jump in there!

    glen: Just Do It!

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    Hey #9 is the one I should be working on… my grandmother created a piece of fabric (2″ strips sewn together) that I think she was planning on making a garment out of… but I plan on getting some poly batting (the fabric is poly) and some backing (hope to have some fashion fabric in my stash that will work) and sew a lap blanket from her left-over fabrics…

    Hope batting is on sale soon!

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    Yay! # 9 is one I wanted to work on this month anyway. I finished March’s in April and made progress on April’s–maybe I’ll finish it in May!

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    Darlene S says

    Opps, I’m 2 months behind on my UFO list. I do have March and April tops done, but not sure they will get quilted in May — but I’m going to at least get 1 done for ME. My #9 is a small top that needs a border or 2. We’ll see what May brings. Thanks for the challenges. Dar 🙂

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    Mary says

    #9 shouldn’t take much time. I have to do some quilting and add width and it will be done, then I can gift it. YAY.

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    Oh – I finished my #9 earlier this year. Yay! So I’ll focus on finishing #1 (half-way done with hand stitching the back of the binding) and #4 (on the longarm).

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    Material is out and sorted for #9. I did a shop hop this past week, Middle of the Mitten 500, so lots of projects to do!!

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    I’m happy to report that I might acutally be able to complete my #9 and work on March and April’s UFOs this month. Great number picking!!!

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    Bummer. My #9 is my Shakespear in the Park, and I have one block done. Hopefully I will feel like working on this one when we get back from vacation on the 16th. The month will be over before I can even get to it! I didnt even open the box for last months! Feb.’s is up to block stage, and just needs to be sewn together. Jan.’s is done tho! (To top stage anyway…) So, I am just a “bit” behind, and now it is summer, and we too are planning a move of sorts, so who knows. I had such hope for this challenge. I am just too unorganized and setting up kits to take to my new 2nd home.