Any other time, having rain, hail and thunder keep me awake off and on all night would result in a bit of grumbling on my part.  Walking Speck in the rain, when the wind is blowing like crazy and the temp feels like 37º might bring about a few complaints . . though the biggest complaint would be that the goofy human on the other end of the leash didn’t think to check the weather and didn’t bring a coat.  Heck . . wasn’t it just last week the temps here were hovering around 100º?  .

When I look out the window, this is what I see . . dark clouds and rain.  I’m not complaining and I’m not grumbling.  Central Texas needed rain so badly that I feel that I should be out there dancing while thanking God that I’m shivering in the rain.  The wild fires have been horrible in this area and worse in surrounding areas.  I have no idea how much rain is needed and no doubt, what we’re getting in one or two days will not be sufficient rainfall but it’s a start and any amount is greatly appreciated by the residents here I’m sure.

And, where else can you live and have waffles shaped like your state?

Probably nowhere but Texas and even if your state has it’s own waffle maker, I’ll bet Texas is better!  🙂  How’s that for joining the home team and falling in love with Texas?   Vince and I were talking driving here about how many homes have the Texas flag flying and the Lone Star plastered on their gates, their bird houses, their home fronts, their mail boxes . . it’s everywhere!  It’s my own fault but I couldn’t even remember what the Missouri flag looks like til Vince reminded me.  Most Texas residents, especially in the rural areas, seem to have lots of love, pride and dedication to their home state.  I think we’re going to love it here!


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    Texas is like that, and even when Texans get planted elsewhere (like how my hubby, a Texan, and myself, a transplant live in Germany), they still bring it with them. I made Texas flags into a set of curtains for my bedroom, and we have another flag on the wall PLUS we have a Texas star (with fake barbed wire around it) on the wall elsewhere.

    Yes, Texas is a very special, very wonderful place. I’ll be visiting in a month and I really really can’t wait. 😀 I miss it!

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    Diann Smith says

    That is a serious TEXAS waffle…I LOVE it. I love TX and always love visiting. The people are nice and hey I can send you all the rain you need..if I could. Kentucky has just had the wettest season since 1970 acc. to the news. We are DROWNED and there will be no food crops this year I fear. Cold too. Whoever heard of heat on in the house in May. Texas sounds GOOD.
    Hope the right house for you pops up.

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    ……. Mo has a state flag?? We have been down here since ’04, Im having hard time visioning it also. Have fun in TX !

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    Linda in TX says

    We have been a lot of places (like you, Judy) but in about two weeks after the last move (from Ohio), I knew Texas was where we would STAY. We changed our retirement plans and built our last-ever house 3 years ago – you couldn’t pry us out of Texas. Nowhere did we see the pride that people have here, the support for the military, and people who are proud to be Texans – and act like it all the time. We’ve been here 11 years – we weren’t born here but got here as fast as we could! Welcome! We’re glad to have y’all!

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    Sandy says

    Judy, we spent the winter in Texas ( over 5 months) and in that entire time it rained twice and not enough to measure. Rain is very much needed! So many Texans fly their flag and also the American flag….very patriotic.

    On the way home from Texas, we stopped in Branson, MO for 10 days and at one of the shows they were asking where people were from. The couple sitting next to us said Brownwood, Texas!! I almost squealed with delight knowing that is where you are heading. They sure loved where they lived and weren’t crazy about all the storms we were having in MO that week. Terrible flooding! We have had lots of rain here in IL too. Enough already!!

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    pdudgeon says

    awwww, that’s such a cute waffle!

    Now which square will you be living in?????? LOL

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    You’ll like the wide open spaces and then start feeling closed in when you go to other states. I like seeing for miles and the horizon.

    The Texas flag is vey simple, therefore easy to remember. Everyone knows the state song of Oklahoma, well at least the tune and the first line about wind comes sweeping down the plain. And, of course, my home state of Michigan is the only state where you can use your hands to point out where you live! I still have an oven mitt with maps of the lower and upper pennisulas printed on them!

    I’m glad you are going to like Texas.

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    Toni in TN says

    My heart still belongs to TX even tho we only lived there two years. Wish I could pry hubby away from here.

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    I love the waffle!! When we where leaving Texas to move back home to Holland, a neighbour made us a wooden chrismas tree ornament in the shape of Texas, that is almost 10 years ago and I always hang it in our tree and love it so much.
    Wish I could live in Texas again.

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    What a great waffle!! Only in TX for sure!!! Judy, you’ll really get in the TX spirit when highschool football season starts!! They are truly diehard fans of the game!!

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    bizybess says

    Love, love, love the waffle! Of course any waffle pretty well melts my butter. I hear from my sister who was in Tyler, Texas a couple of weeks ago if you ever get that close to take a detour south to Whitehouse to eat the best food in the world, namely Mamaw’s Fried Pies. I know it would be out of your way, Tyler being at least 60 miles east of Dallas but keep it in mind. I hear they even have crayfish pies. With 30 different kinds it sounds like heaven. She says if you eat in, instead of take out, you can sample all the flavors you want.

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    Diane says

    You know the line, “Texas, a whole other country” It’s true!
    I have been told Texans are arrogant, I don’t believe it. We just KNOW it’s a great place.
    It does get hot, but the beauty (sometime syou have to look for it) and the kindness in a small town can not be beat!
    Have a great day!

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    Cathi Harry says

    We relocated to Texas about 10 years ago from Nevada. We have the Texas flag painted on the side of our barn & it’s big! Love Texas, except it’s been raining nonstop since last evening. We live about 40 miles NE of Dallas.

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    I was going to email you about the cooler weather and figured you might already be on the road. Just wait it will warm up! It supposed to be 90 by Sunday.

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    My husband is from Texas and when I met him he had the flag of Texas on his wall….YES – there is nothing like TEXAS PRIDE!

    My brother lives in Texas now – and loves it.

    I am glad that you are falling in love with your new state – who wouldn’t love a state where they have waffles like that…..:)

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    We’re what they call “Winter Texans”. Anywhere else, we’d be “Snow Birds”. It’s fun to be a Texan for a couple of months. Yee-haw (instead of uff-dah).

  17. 21

    Vicki S says

    I’m sure you’ll love wherever you live. I’m in So. Okla. Know how we know when someone is from TX? They pass you on the highway like you’re standing still!

  18. 23

    Terri says

    Lots of New Mexicans have that Lonestar everywhere also 😉
    Love the waffle! And thank God for the rain. Our flight Sunday had to devert and fly south of Dallas because of weather and I could see the burned areas. Terrible…..

  19. 24

    Patty says

    We lived in Texas for almost 5 years and have the star in our bedroom and on our the lamp post light in the front yard. We have gone through the looking for houses with a corporate move three times now so I know what you are going through.

  20. 25

    Marilyn says

    They say if your not born here, you get here as fast as you can…I arrived her in 1968 and couldn’t be happier !!!
    P.S. We moved in behind Astronaut John Glenn 😉

  21. 26

    Kathleen says

    My son and family live in Ft Worth. They have been there for 26 years. His wife was born it TX. He will not even admit to being born in Missouri and tells everyone he was born in Marshall and of course they think he means TX but it is in fact Missouri. They will never leave that state!!