No Internet

The internet in the hotel isn’t working. Verizon has been called.

News from here though is that we’ve gotten desperate enough to start looking for land and are considering building. Definitely not the path I wanted to take. We may have found a house to rent. Another path I had not wanted to take but we’ll do what we have to do.

Getting bit of sewing done. Will blog more as soon as I have wifi again.


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    Jane says

    Hi Judy! We have moved a lot due to job changes and transfers and we sold our last house in 2007 just before the housing market crashed. Felt lucky to get out when we did. Since then, we haven’t felt confident in buying another home for fear values would continue to slide (they have) and that we have to move again (we did) and be stuck with a house we couldn’t easily sell. Anyway, we’ve been renting ever since and like you say, you do what you have to. I find that I’m not as interested in home decor or gardening. Just not the same when it isn’t yours. I do have a few tomatoes, basil & peppers planted and enough annual flowers to make things pretty. It can be kind of nice not having the responsibility of home ownership. I think I have more time for quilting, etc. Unfortunately, way to much of the etc seems to be the internet! One other point in favor of renting for a while at least is that you have time to get more familiar with the area and be sure of where you want to settle. Good luck to you!

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    If we could, we’d buy land and build. But, there isn’t a whole lot of land out here where we live. *sigh* Good luck with everything!

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    If you think this may be the area of the workd where this is Vince’s last position before retiring and you like the area, building may be the best option for you. You get the land you want, position the house and outbuildings where you want and build the house the way you want. You probably seen some styles you like.

    Hope that all goes well and something perfect just drops in your lap!

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    if you have to build, at least you KNOW you will like the layout! AND you can have a huge gas stove in your kitchen, hehe 🙂

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    I can see both pros and cons in your situation (most of which has already been mentioned by others)….but I”m sure it will all work out well in the end.

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    pdudgeon says

    i agree, in the long haul maybe building your own new home would be the best thing, if Vince’s job is stable. put 90% of your stuff in storage, rent as small as you can stand for 6 months, and go ahead and build. You should be in by Christmas!

    ps. lowe’s has lots of great home plan books right up by the main check-out counters.

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      myrna says

      ps. lowe’s has lots of great home plan books right up by the main check-out counters
      Yea, like Judy needs any more ideas of what to build and how to build it!!!
      Said with Lots-of-Love!

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    Building a home can be exciting and think of all of the fun you will have making choices about EVERYTHING. We built a home 5 years ago and really enjoyed watching it GROW!!! AND………everything will be JUST WHAT YOU WANT! 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA