When All Else Fails . .

Read the label!

I didn’t bring my iron along on the trip because the hotel we’re staying is fairly new and my guess was that the iron would be ok.  I got it out, filled it with water, turned it on and it worked great.  Lots of steam.  Then I sewed for a while and when I got ready to iron again, it had gone off and I figured most all the irons I’ve ever used, you just shake them a bit and they come back on.  The more I shook, the more water poured out the bottom.

Just before I decided to go down to the front desk and ask for a new iron, I saw the little note on the iron.

It says:  “Iron will shut off automatically in 15 minutes”  To restart iron, push the RESET button.”  And there, right on top of the iron, big as Texas, is the RESET button.  When I pushed the RESET button, just like it was supposed to, the iron heated right up and stopped leaking.  Makes me wonder why I didn’t see that little note there on the side of the iron.


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    eve in ga says

    Judy, I had to LOL at this, but only because I would have likely done the same thing.
    Sending you best wishes on the house/land hunt. Eve

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    You are having way too much fun in Texas, with Texan waffles, doing the iron shakes, etc etc.. but your brown quilt looks great.. maybe the hotel will ask you to make them for all their beds!

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    Jackie Warren says

    Judy what fun you are having. Had to laugh about the iron. That could have been me..Was thinking of you. I, too, am in a motel working on a quilt. I am at the Hilton in Wichita. Allen is at workshops for County Commissioners and I am finishing the handwork on a quilt, sewing the binding. When finished I start on the emboidery project – snowmen for a quilt. Hope to see you again before you left the final time. Have fun today. Jackie

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    VickiT says

    I’d be willing to bet the reason you missed that little tidbit of info is because we are getting more and more lax in reading those warnings. The reason I say that is because those types of warnings are getting dumber as each year passes such as those that tell you on the side of a curling iron or hair dryer not to use in the bathtub. Or the warning on lawn mowers that tell you not to put you fingers or toes under the deck while using the mower. DUH! So there? Does that make you feel better? I bet if you took a poll every one of those answering would admit they are not reading things like that either. LOL

    And in case you buy a Oliso iron in the future – that is set up so when it goes off all you do it touch the handle and it restarts again, no shaking of that either.

    Sorry you had to make such a mess though. That is not fun at all.

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    Like I tell my students read the directions! But in all honesty I’m sure I would have done exactly the same thing as you with the exception that I probably would’ve gone to the desk for a new iron then found the direction! LOL