A Mother’s Wisdom

When  you were a kid, did you think you were smarter than your mom?  And now, do your kids think they’re smarter than you?  Most days, Chad thinks I’m the dumbest human to ever walk the earth and on the days he doesn’t think that, he would never tell me.

As a teen and young adult, I’m sure I thought I was smarter than my parents but the one thing my mom did that drove me nuts was that she never wanted to travel.  I know what you’re saying . . Judy’s a chip off the old block! Back when I was younger, mom always said I had gasoline in my blood because I wanted to go, go, go.  I didn’t care where or for how long but I loved going.

Mom would say that we didn’t go on vacations much because she only liked to sleep in her own bed.  I always thought that was the craziest thing I’d ever heard.  A bed is a bed . . lay your head on the pillow and go to sleep.  I can remember just rolling my eyes when mom would say she couldn’t sleep except in her own bed.

After 5 nights in the hotel and 13 hours in the car today, sleeping in my own bed tonight is going to feel like heaven!  After all these years . . mom was right.  Sleeping in my own bed is all I want to do . . forever!


  1. 1

    Mary says

    We head home tomorrow but I’ve been gone 3 weeks!! I am SO anxious to be home.

  2. 2

    Linda Bishop says

    Hi Judy

    Like you I used to wonder what the oldies were talking about when they said they were missing their own beds. Now I know! I am not quite to the take your own pillow stage but I have to admit I have a small quilt I like to take with me.



  3. 3

    Marilyn Smith says

    I can only remember my Dad coming to Lake Tahoe once. He flew to Los Angeles for one business meeting. He wanted to be home in his own bed. Mom took us on vacations – she loved to travel. Dad did all the traveling he ever wanted to do during his teen years. Dad always encouraged her to travel – he would cook and take care of all four kids. She was in Chicago visiting friends when he had all 4 of us at home with the German measles – he never said a word to her. He just did not want to sleep anywhere but in his own bed.

  4. 5

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Isn’t it amazing how parents ‘smarten’ up? I almost always take my own pillow when I travel because that is the only ‘known’ item I can carry with me… my mattress is just tooooooo bulky:-) Other mattresses are never just right…too soft or too hard. So I understand just what you are ready for. You are so ready for a Good Nights sleep!

  5. 8


    ha! You made me laugh. Isn’t it amazing what creatures we become. I slept in a hotel for 6 nights on our trip to Paducah, and YES it felt wonderful to come home and sleep in my own bed!!!

  6. 9


    I’m with the ‘take your own pillow’ camp after the last trip to stay with my son.I had the meanest, flattest pancake of a thing and after being awake for hours I then woke up with a cricked neck and a headache that lasted all day. I can put up with a different mattress, but I NEED my own pillow!

    I don’t think you can really understand your parents until at least middle age. And then you start turning into them…. Enjoy being home!

  7. 10


    Not only do I take both pillows with me I toss in my body pillow and my quilt — of course that’s when I’m traveling by myself or to quilting retreats with my quilt buddies. I don’t think I’m going to get to take all the pillows this summer when we go and visit the relatives. 12 days on the road, 8 different beds and 2 extra kids!

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    Glen in louisiana says

    I like sleeping in other beds, but I would prefer to e home during the day. Funny, isn’t it?

    glen: any better luck today?

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    Mel Meister says

    I feel the same way! We have friends who always invite us to stay when they have a party, but we never do. I want to come home to my bed.

  10. 13


    Amen!! to what you wrote Judy. Isn’t getting older and wiser somewhat the best thing. I used to love “to go” just because coming home was the best thing ever. I could sleep any place, but loved the coming home part.

    Now?? Well I’m like just what you’re saying. I still go, but don’t sleep properly most of the time and there’s nothing better than my own bed. see your mom was always right.

  11. 14


    That’s one reason I love motorhome travel–we may be traveling but it is my OWN bed and bathroom!!!

  12. 15


    I know my kids our smarter than me—they just are. They live in such a different world, and have all kinds of learning experiences I never had.
    Was I smarter than my Mother—when I was 18, I probably thought so. But, when I was 28, I knew I wasn’t. She helped me so much with housekeeping tips, cooking and raising our kids. She knew how to give the best parties too! and cook—My, she could cook!
    As I got older and our children married, she gave the best advice on how to be “a good mother in law”. Now she is gone, but I have such wonderful memories of my “smart” Mom.
    She loved to travel! but, rarely had the time or money to do it. I’m more of a home body. And the older I get, the more I like the familiar.
    I’m glad you’re home—and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! and also find that perfect house in TX….soon.

  13. 16

    Debbie says

    I thought you were writing my story. As a teenager I was barely in the door and looking for my next place to travel. Now, I could stay at home forever.

  14. 17

    jil says

    Agree about Mum’s getting smarter, Mum and I are almost as smart as each other now. It seems like everytime I learn a lesson, she gets the same lesson in the post, how does that happen! Just kidding.. Mothers are the best and each year turns my mother into purer gold, God bless her.

  15. 18


    I hope those nights away were productive for you. I hope you got to explore the town, check out the restaurants and all so that your move will be a little easier. I have gotten better about sleeping in other beds…still prefer mine!

  16. 19


    After moved a million times and have lived in furnished rentals house/appartments, I’m don’t care about “stuf”. Home is where your familie is! The longest time I lived in a furnished rental home was for 6 months while my own stuf was stored. And you know what, after 6 months even your own bed is not the same anymore…….. So I have a good night sleep where ever I’m! (Ok there are some really bad hotels :-(.

    I hope you find your dream home in Texas!!

  17. 20

    shirley bruner says

    i’m with you, Judy. just got home from texas and 12 hours driving. being in your own bed….with your own pillow…is best.

    welcome back home