Missing the Kitchen

Eating out is one of my least favorite things to do and when we’re traveling, you know how it is . . breakfast, lunch and dinner out. Since we were gone 6 days, that translates to 18 meals, but thankfully, new friends invited us over for dinner one night and we got one home cooked meal.  It was delicious and so much appreciated!   Even though the hotel provided a continental type breakfast and I ate a Texas waffle one morning, the rest of the morning I had a Pop-Tart that I had brought from home.

This morning when I woke up, I couldn’t wait to cook a home cooked meal and spend some quality time in my kitchen!

I took cookie dough out of the freezer and made cookies.  They were almost all gone in a flash!

Then I made bread.

Tomorrow is Sunday so you know that means spaghetti and meatballs.  Thank goodness there were meatballs in the freezer, though I’m afraid they were the last ones and I am not making more before we go.

One of my favorite meals is steak with rice and gravy so I browned some steak and then cooked it in the pressure cooker and added a can of cream of mushroom soup for the gravy.

With that, we had rice, Veg-All Casserole and black bean salad.  Doris had fixed black bean salad when we ate with them on Thursday night and I kept wishing I had more of it so I made a batch of it today.

That’s it . . I’ve had my cooking fix and can go back to packing and cleaning.


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    That balck bean salad looks so good. Do I see avocado wedges? Is this a recipe you can share? Not cooking is an issue for me also when we travel, so we try to stay in a condo or cabin whenever possible. Our next trip we will be staying with my in-laws. They do a mix of eating out and cooking, so that will work well for us. Also the restaurants we will be visiting while looking for a house are mom and pop home cooking type of food. Isn’t nice to have things in the freezer ready to go.

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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    Oh dear am I the only person that thinks having all my meals cooked for me would be heaven! Mind you I would happily come and eat Judy’s food!!

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    Happy Mother’s Day – wow, you were really cooking up a storm. I am not the best person in the kitchen but I like eating at home because I KNOW WHAT IS IN THE FOOD! 🙂

    OK – so I am hoping for the recipe for the black bean salad…..love the way that looks!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Because of your inspiration…I now keep cookie dough in the freezer…ready to bake! Was so nice yesterday when grandson and girl friend were here to pop some in the oven and offer them fresh cookies!!! thanks!

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    It just occurred to me that you have a freezer full of food! How in the heck do you move all of that? Guess you’ll be cooking it up beforehand. That bread looks wonderful, and I’m with you – rice and gravy is the best!

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    Mary Jo says

    The black bean salad looks so good! I’m with the others who hope you can share the recipe.

  7. 12

    Mary says

    I didn’t cook much either while were gone but it was mostly laziness on my part.