Week #19

Ruthie wrote that she was off track as she was on Week 19.  I knew she was right and I was wrong because I can never keep up with the right week so I checked Vicky’s stash report and she’s on Week 19 too.  I’d like to blame it on the craziness at my house right now but keeping up with week numbers has always been a problem for me so . . it’s Week 19.  Next week will be Week 20 . . please correct me if I get it wrong!


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    Darlene S says

    I went to check usage on my report and it said Week 28 was last week!!! I guess one week off is better than 10!! Those pesky fingers were the problem. Now I’ve corrected mine too. Well my stash report is zero in and zero out AGA
    IN! I just can’t get caught up to work on my own stuff. Maybe next week. Dar in MO.