Built in 1883

For those who wanted to see the house, this is the link.  So far, Vince is refusing to even look at it.  He watches that Holmes house inspection show on TV and he’s scared of any renovations but I’m going to push for us to at least look at it.  Maybe the current owner did a lot of the renovations and has good records.  I’ll keep you posted but . . you know that, don’t you?  🙂


  1. 3

    Mary Jo says

    I have no reason what so ever to move to Texas, but if that house is anything like the pictures I would almost move tomorrow! Good luck.

  2. 5

    Heather says

    That house is beautiful!! Would it have space for your longarm? It looks like it has plenty of space outdoors, you could probably get some more chickens too!

  3. 6


    The outside is stunning, it’s on almost 8 acres, and there are quilts on all of the beds. What more does Vince need to know? LOL Seriously, it looks great. Fingers crossed that you can get Vince to at least consider it.

  4. 8

    marilynrsmith says

    Oh, Judy, buy it. It is beautiul…………love the stairway, entryway, kitchen, baths. Tell Vince how happy it would make you! Marilyn

  5. 9

    Cindy says

    I love this house !!!!!!!!!!!! LOts of character !!! and looks like lots of renovations have been done – from the outside – i never would have guessed it’s that old !!!!!!!!!!

  6. 10

    Spare Arts Studio says

    That home is lovely. And I don’t usually like older homes! Tell Vince he has to go see it as an early or late birthday present. You don’t need another duplicate appliance – was it a weed eater?

  7. 11

    VickiT says

    That looks like a well cared for home and I’d bet any renovations done in that house were hired out and not done by the owner. Anyone that has a house looking like that generally doesn’t do those things on their own. Not at least with the history that still has been left in that house from the way those pictures appear anyway. Good luck. Holmes on Homes show deals with the worst of the worst subcontractors that are they fly by night types. Anyone owning a home like this one is not going to be dealing with that type of person I’m sure.

  8. 12


    Seriously go look at the house. It’s masonry (a big plus as a natural insulator and doesn’t need painting!), looks like has been updated (check plumbing and wiring) and looks to have a new roof. It’s gorgeous–look at that staircase. Big rooms. Tell Vince we’ll all come out in green shirts and purple crocs and look at it with him 🙂

  9. 14

    Glen in louisiana says

    Wow! It is beautiful. The pics opened so slowly but what I saw was so wonderful

  10. 15


    For the stove and the floors alone, I would so buy that house! And the high ceilings. And the space. Oh, go take a look! What can it hurt?!

  11. 16

    Suzanne Smith says

    Amazing looking home! This would be a wonderful space to live in and work from–make sure you check the room sizes for your longarm–older homes tend towards smaller rooms. GOOD LUCK!!

  12. 17

    Connie says

    Judy, you just found my dream home. I had a smaller victorian home in KS that was “renovated” by previous owners, believe me, your house is professional all the way. Why don’t you go see it first, alone? Then you would know if it was worth taking Vince to? No sense arguing when you can rule it in or out and know when to hold ’em 🙂 A quilter’s home no less, and i bet that carriage house would make a great studio!!

  13. 18


    Thanks for the tour! I like! Character & charm yet seems to have the necessary upgrades that I would want in the laundryrm, bathrms and kitchen!

  14. 19


    Oh Judy. That has a great kitchen and room for the longarm………

    As soon as Vince sees it he will want it too……….

  15. 21

    NancyB in AZ says

    Oh, my! You must see it. I used to sell real estate in an area of very old homes (1800’s). My clients would hire a certified structural engineer to do an inspection on this type of home. I watch Holmes, too. Remember he is also an actor……it is TV! folks. This house is really worth looking at.

  16. 23


    Judy, that is a beautiful house. If you buy it, I’m coming to live with you. I’ll be your maid. 😀

  17. 25


    I love that house!!! I can’t believe you can get all of that for the money. You couldn’t get a condo here for that. I really need to move.

  18. 26

    Marla says

    OMG! I think this house is just perfect! I really hope you talk Vince in looking at this home. Seriously, you can always get a home inspection to look at it if you get serious about it. I am in love with it myself and see your touch all over this place. That sunroom looks lovely for a sewing space or long arm. I am rooting for you on this one. Don’t give up!

  19. 27

    Marla says

    Also it would make a wonderful quilting retreat/bed & breakfast too! Hint hint!!

  20. 29

    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    I agree with the earlier suggestion that you visit the house by yourself initially if Vince flatly refuses to go inside. It’s stunning, even if the four-poster and quilts aren’t included in the price! 🙂

    Mature fruit-bearing trees, pecan trees, and oaks are gorgeous even in the winter, and just think how **manly** Vince will feel on a riding mower on that vast lawn….

  21. 30

    Romonia says

    MAKE HIM LOOK AT THIS HOUSE! We have lived in several really old house. I love them, they have so much character.

  22. 31


    It’s Gorgeous!! That stairway is lovely – and it already has quilts on all the beds – what more could you ask for? Yep, you need to look at this one.

  23. 32


    You at least have to go look at it……it look womderfully restored……and the antiques in there…..all I can say is….WOW, WOW,WOW!!!! And there looks like there is toom for the longarm in that exercise room thing with all the windows.

  24. 33


    Oh my, I do think you should at least look at it. It looks very well kept to me. You can always have an inspector look at it for you if you decide to put an offer in.

  25. 34


    Wow! That’s a beautiful house, and it looks like a quilter may live there right now. Wish I could have seen a pic of the quilt studio/room. Good luck — it’s a beautiful home!

  26. 36


    I love that house. I saw several places that would make a nice sewing area for the long-arm. The only thing I would question about this place would be if it is on the state or national historic registry. If it is…..check to see if it must be open for tours once in a while. Most houses of that age were built with better materials then homes of today.

    I can’t believe Vince doesn’t want to look at that house. I would want to look at it just for the enjoyment of looking at history. Maybe you will just need to go look at it by yourself.

    It is difficult to find a home that has such class and be so updated. I love the stone. That house would be so quiet and I don’t think someone would do a bad job remodeling and put in all the expensive items that really make this place a real beauty.

    Mature fruit and nut trees are worth much, but a greenhouse, outbuildings, acres of land. Wow that place has so much to offer. Ask for a warrantee. My parents sold their house with a one year repair, replacement insurance policy. It didn’t cost my parents much, but saved them a head ache when the women who bought the house could not relight the gas water heater.

  27. 37

    Darlene S says

    I LOVE IT I’d move to Texas too if I could live in that house. Go look at it. Dar

  28. 38

    Bon says

    It looks great to me. I can’t understand why Vince is so against looking at it especially after the lack of choices you’ve found.

  29. 39

    Linda says

    Oh my goodness! What a beautiful house…I’d think there is even room for the chickens!
    Go without him!!

  30. 41

    Cindy from CA says

    What an Awesome (looking) house!!! YOU have to go look at it!! As far as I am concerned it is MUCH more desireable than any other house that you have posted the links!

    Just do your homework — have a professional inspector (that YOU choose) check out everything!

    While I know everything is relative – $350,000 wouldn’t buy a condo here in CA.

    If you are already back home — it seems to me to worth a flight or a 10 hour drive back to Brown Wood – to check it out yourself!!

    Many of the other houses you posted did not interest me —BUT this one grabbed my attention!!! (I would still swap out the electric stove for a GAS!!!)

    Good Luck!

  31. 44


    Hmmm—I wonder why Vince is so set against looking at this house. The old saying it doesn’t hurt to look could apply. The house looks extremely well cared for, and all the rooms look updated and restored. Inspections would tell you all you need to know. And I doubt at that price and how it looks, and with the description it’s going to have any really serious problems. It appears to be a very well cared for historical home that is a treasure to be preserved and own.

  32. 45


    It is a great looking house and you can tell Vince that in some places 1887 is pretty much new construction. My house here in Maine is 1856 and in Massachusetts was 1834. Seriously, that is a very sensitive restoration and whoever did it was paying attention. The Elmira stove is not your every-day Home Depot kitchen option. And the claw foot tub…be still my heart.

  33. 46

    Kathy R in FL says

    You and Vince owe it to yourselves to look at this house in person if there is any chance that it could work for you! You need to investigate all of your opportunities.

  34. 47

    Cheryl says

    What a super house, love the stove in the kitchen. You could do so much with this house. Love it totally. Room to spread out.

  35. 48

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    That house looks wonderful! You gotta have a closer look. It is really impressive from the pictures.

  36. 49

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Vince needs to give in on this. Looking doesn’t mean buying, tell him he is outnumbered! Like so many said, building inspectors can tell you if there are serious problems. I’ll bet it is in better shape than most new construction. Good luck!

  37. 50

    Marilyn says

    Vince’s job is making you move. It seems only fair that you both check out all possiblities. It’s not like it’s a 2 hour drive he will have to make. Come on, Vince. Check it out.

  38. 51

    Mel Meister says

    If YOU want to see that house, then get your butt on a plane and go there and look at it by yourself, if necessary!

    Hire an independent inspector to go with you. He/She can tell you if the house is sound and has value.

    I wouldn’t let anyone keep me from looking at that stunning house!

  39. 52

    Donna in KS says

    I wish I had a reason to move to TX! I believe this house would fit my specifications better than anything we are finding here! This house is a beauty. My husband, however, does not want to buy an old house either.

  40. 53

    Sara in AL says

    That house screams to have quilts hung everywhere! It is beautiful! Tell Himself that further out in the country will mean a longer drive. I can see you cooking in that kitchen! The “sunroom” where they have exercise equipment is perfect for a LA machine, what great lighting! You might even have to put up shades! I think it is just a lovely place!

  41. 56


    Wow, what a house. I know it may not appeal to everyone, but it’s gorgeous. The background music didn’t hurt either–someone knows how to sell! Worth a look, but don’t buy unless you love it. Price would be double that where we live. Good luck. P.S. Your present house is gorgeous too.

  42. 58

    bizybess says

    I guess I’m the sour grape of the bunch but I’m not wild about this house. Yes, it’s lovely to look at, but, eight acres in the city with codes and maybe the little flag guy and I see Vince spending every spare minute keeping up the grounds. Have you ever tried to clean behind a claw foot tub ? I haven’t, but I don’t want to try. I’m sorry to sound so down but I’m at the stage in life that I don’t want to spend all my time cleaning rooms no one ever goes in.

  43. 59

    Doe in Mi says

    It is beautiful but, most of the rooms look so dark. I like light coming in so I can show off and look at all my “stuff” and quilts. Hate it when I have to turn on a light during the day. But, I sure would love that kitchen and the stove. And the whole of it is alot of work keeping it all up and clean.

  44. 60

    Jackie Hicks says

    Maybe you really should check this out – the pictures are great and from the looks of the things on the property maybe their “city” rules are not as strict as you think they would be – you could always look at it as temp (much like a rental) and buy/sale/build later when you truly find the right place. One thing thought – will you pressure cooker for canning fit on that stove? And it does look like you could find a room for a studio – or there seems to be plently of room to build one if you decided to stay.