Two Choices

At this point, I see two choices. The first is to get rid of everything . . everything . . and start over in TX. The second is to stay here and not move.

I’m afraid neither of those choices will work. I continue to clean and throw stuff out and the more I clean, the more I realize how much I love my house.

My kitchen is so clean and this is when I would love to cook but I’m trying not to make too big of a mess in case I get short notice of a showing of the house.

The moving guy is here right now doing an inventory.  He said he’s seen worse! 🙂  I don’t think that’s a compliment.


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    I can see why you love your kitchen! It is beautiful. With your love of cooking the kitchen is a very important room. Hope you find the house with a kitchen that makes you happy.

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    Michelle F. says

    At least he didn’t say “That’s a lot of craft stuff!” I have had that said to me! LOL Inside I think, how much would I have if I didn’t move all the time? Yikes. Hang in there!

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    NancyB in AZ says

    I practically jump out of bed each morning; run to the computer; hoping to read that you and Vince have found the perfect new home. I know you will. We all just need to try harder to send good vibes (prayers, thoughts, however); and it will happen. Hugs.

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    From the photos that I’ve seen of your Nevada house it is truly a wonderful and amazing space. I’d love a huge basement with storm shelter in it, a second garage, etc. We have a lovely, custom built home, but yes, there seems to be something special about your Nevada house. Here’s hoping that another wonderful home will come your way. Don’t give up!

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    think about renting a small apartment in the new location – if there is such a thing – and keeping the house you are in until something better becomes available.
    You can be a commuter family for a while.

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    Hang on tight, Judy – and remember – new houses come on the market all the time… don’t make drastic decisions – look for ways to tread water and give it some time…. lots of people are sending good vibes!

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    Pat V. says

    You sound so discouraged! Hang in there, Kate is right, houses are listed all the time. Your perfect house just hasn’t found you yet!

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    Linda in TX says

    11 years ago (almost to the day), I was setting out to drive from Ohio to Houston to “start over” again. Eighteen months earlier I had been moving from California to Ohio. I was not happy to be leaving a house that had a full basement with HUGE windows that was my sewing room and moving into a house that would work but I didn’t love it (real estate was hot then). Eight years later, I liked that house just fine but was going to leave it for a home we designed and had custom built – that had the kitchen I had always wanted, a 14 x 27′ sewing studio, rooms for my grandkids, and a back yard that I loved. And we are in our Last House. Learning so quickly to love Texas made the transition easier back in 2000 – the house we bought then seemed less important and did work okay for us. My point is, Judy (and you know this), you love your “now house” and sooner or later you will love your next house. In the meantime bitch and moan and carry on – I did and it made me feel better. We’re all here to listen. And things will turn out just fine – I promise.

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    Diane says

    Actually that was not as bad as what I got when they came to inventory mine. The lady asked if I was really going to take “all that stuff”. I had already packed my sewing room since I didn’t want anyone to touch anything. They opened the door to see stacks and stacks of rubbermaid boxes all labeled by colors and moving boxes labeled by content. The sewing room was the easiest room to move! I had also labeled all of my shelves and tables as sewing room so when they arrived at the new house they knew where to take everything. I did have to remind them to put the furniture items in first as they were just going to start stacking everything in the middle of the floor.

    The best thing I did before the move was organize. I made sure everything that was in the room before the movers started packing belonged in that room. It took me weeks to get everything organized but it sure made the move easier. Prior to that I had a quilting house instead of a room.

    Remember, this too shall pass!

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    Linda in NE says

    Getting rid of everything and starting over in TX would be one way, but you probably love your stuff as much as I love mine. After all, it’s taken us YEARS to amass it. I could part with a lot of the newer stuff pretty easy but the antiques, quilts and stash/sewing/quilting stuff would be like cutting off a limb or two.

    Take the moving guy’s comment as a compliment because I can assure you he has seen MUCH worse.

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    I love your Nevada house too! Even your electric cooking range looks so nice in the picture. Amazing how we think the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
    We are doing major downsizing of a lot of things we have “accumulated” over the years. Especially kitchen stuff and books I no longer use. I swear I don’t know how I collect this stuff, as this cleaning out has happened many times before, but more dishes, and knives, and utensils show up in the cupboards and drawers. Same with purses and rulers and scissors, and well you name it, and I probably have duplicates!
    We are serious dead serious this time though. We have decided if we ever moved, we would probably walk out of here with a few choice personal possessions, and re-purchase many of the furniture items we now own as they most likely wouldn’t fit in a new place anyway. I think my sewing room would be the easiest to move, the kitchen the worst.
    Good luck with your move. I’m still hoping one of the houses you looked at previously will be appealing once more, or that something new and wonderful appears.

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    movers can be so fun…one of our moves, the inventory people didn’t clearly indicate the amount of books we had, so when the packers came they were floored at how little time they were scheduled because we had so many books (we are homeschooling bibliophiles)

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    The more I pack and clean the more I realize how happy I will be to leave this house. You have a major advantage over us, because you have many choices as far as homes are concerned. Right now where we plan to move to in WI has 4 houses for sale, no homes for rent and we don’t know of any apartments.

    Your house now does seem to be perfect, but as time goes by another house will become perfect.

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    Diann Smith says

    I love it when you blog about your move/house choices. We’re settled one year now from our move and we sold a lot. If you don’t own it, you don’t have to move it. Not talking about the sewing room but other things like bedrooms/chairs/extra furniture pieces not really used. We haven’t missed anything and it sure makes cleaning faster. I think America owns too much probably. But you MUST have the best kitchen possible and sewing space. Both things where you excel. I also loved purging my closets. You can’t believe how many different clothing sizes I had and shoes I didn’t wear but just couldn’t part with . Well I parted with it and now my closet space here is just right. Why do we hang on to things? The REALLY bad part is when you are moved in, beds set up………………and the movers drive away. Whine time then for sure.

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    pdudgeon says

    ok, so why is it not a choice to stay where you’re at? any chance that vince could get his old job back?

  16. 18


    I know exactly what you mean about the clean kitchen. But let me encourage you as you encouraged me when I was having the same problem…… This too will pass.

    Just enjoy as many moments as you can each day and one day you and Vince will be settled into a home you enjoy as much as you do this one………

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    Mary says

    Keith and I are looking online at places to rent and I’m pushing for something big enough that I can stop sorting and tossing and just have it all moved. Still waiting for the final go/no go but it’s looking like go and we’re looking to see what will fit our needs

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    I look at your blog every day – in hopes that there will be a MIRACLE. I am sure there is a third option because I know you don’t want to get rid of everything!

    SOMETHING GOOD WILL HAPPEN! I just know it! 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    barbara says

    if you stay where you are how would that work? it’s too far away to commute.

  20. 22


    You will soon find the perfect house, it’s out there waiting for you. As far as the moving guy goes, it really doesn’t matter what he’s seen, it’s his job to safely move it without complaint.