Update on the 1883 House

The news is not good for us getting the house.  It is in the city.  Even though it has almost 8 acres and the realtor said it takes up almost an entire city block, it is in the city . . which means city rules, city regulations, and city taxes.  That’s a deal breaker for us.  I don’t see us ever living in the city again . . maybe when we’re very old but weren’t not quite there yet.

The realtor told me the house is drop dead gorgeous and the updates have all been done with care and seem to have been done correctly.

It is on the very, very outer limits of Vince’s acceptable driving distance and with it being in the city limits, I doubt we pursue it.

I’m back in MO with no plans to go back to TX so me seeing the house is out of the question for a while.  Vince will be back there next week and he would have seen it, except for it being in the city.

As beautiful as the house is (and as fantastic as the stove is), for us, it’s not worth living in the city limits.


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    Terri says

    Well darn. That’s one beautiful house! Even in a little town like Comanche the city limits would be out? Hmm I think my Mother has cousins in Comanche. I have tons of relatives around the Abilene and Clyde area. And I’ve called my mother in law because she had friends in brownwood but they moved a couple of years ago. I will check with my mother to see if her cousins still live there and if they might have an inside scoop to something.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      Yes, our current town is about the size of Comanche. Living in the city is just another layer of rules and more taxes. Not for us!

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    I lived on a quiet, 20 acres in the boonies when we moved here 10 years ago. I couldn’t imagine living “elbow to elbow” in a town again so we bought an acre 4 miles out of town even though we could hear ‘highway noise’. We realized very quickly that we would have LOVED to be in town and the highway noise only bothered us for a couple of weeks before we got used to it. People get used to things very quickly. Just watch “House Hunters” on HGTV to see that. Just sayin. . .

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    Well, if you are going to have to move TWICE anyway…………you might enjoy this house for awhile. ?????

    I absolutely love it. I wish someone I knew would buy it for a B and B….I would come visit!

    GOOD LUCK – keep hoping, looking, praying, and crossing your fingers – something will turn up!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    I think I was meant to live in this house. The entry way is amazing.
    All those lovely quilts make me love it more.

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    Beautiful House with lots and lots of wonderful – what a show piece. That landscaped eight acres comes with “lots” of upkeep however. Sure hope something shows up soon for y’all. It just has to feel right and then you will know it. Judy C

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    Cindy in NC says

    As beautiful as the house is, I don’t blame you for wanting to stay out of the city. Five years ago our little county neighborhood was forcibly annexed by a nearby town. Not only did our taxes nearly double, but we now bear the humiliation of being part of the wackiest town in the state. The mayor at the time of annexation kept a painting in his office of the American flag twisted into the shape of a swastika!

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    You know…I would still look at it. The pictures sure don’t make it look anything like living in the city. It has to be better than it was looking at the STINK house.

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      Judy Laquidara says

      We don’t ever want to live in the city again. That’s important to us and we’ll find something eventually that will work.

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    Karen says

    Love this house – it’s beautiful with so much character. I think I’d have to check out the city rules/regs and have my own inspection before I ruled it out. But then, I’m a sucker for older homes – especially if they’ve been renovated.

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    Every city has it’s own rules. Our kids live in the city limits, we live in the county. We actually have more “county” regulations than they have any city regulations. We wish we had city sewer, and city water. City internet, city power lines, city telephone services. City postal service. Tree service. Good drainage. Reliable paving. Closer shopping. If that guy plows his corn field again all night, or the vineyards turn on their rabbit alarms—-well you get the picture. It is noisier in the country than in the city—believe it or not. You wouldn’t believe the racket we hear, or the smells, (the farmer up wind spread wet manure last night, oowee, that that stink)— or the wildlife that does damage here on a regular basis. We wish we had some “city” rules to keep some of our “country neighbors” in check for some of the things they do. We live on acres. So, be careful what you wish for. I don’t know how old you both are, but if you are approaching your 50’s or 60’s, and are going to move again in 10 yrs. (more or less) to the “city limits” for the amenities (or perks) of living there in your retirement years, I would do it now. Not later. Of course most parents move closer to their children and grandchildren later on in life.
    I would check what the city rules for that particular home entail before crossing it off the list, see the home, the roads, the neighboring properties, and then make a decision. Brownswood city limits may have some nice perks. Brownswood country living may have none except that you are living in the country which is not all it’s cracked up to be. Been here 45 yrs. Nothing improves living in the country unless you do it yourself. The county collects “county taxes”, but provides no services for doing it. The city on the other hand has to provide a certain level of “services” for the taxes they collect. Not all negative.

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    NancyB in AZ says

    Darn! But I sure understand your not wanting to live with all the restrictions city living can have.