Chicken Update

When our chickens first went to their new home, Ashley reported that there had been no fighting between my hens and her hens but they were staying segregated.  My chickens hung out together, her chickens hung out together but there was no socializing between the two groups.  She said that at first my chickens would hang back and wait for her chickens to go into the the coop at night.  Once her chickens were all settled inside, my chickens would go inside.

Today I went back to the dentist and Ashley told me the family had blended.  She said that they are all together now and even they cannot tell which Red Stars were mine and which were hers.  She had one Easter Egger and I had two and she said mine have fuller “cheek” feathers than hers did so she can tell mine apart.

I figured that the move would cause my chickens to stop laying for a few days but she said that bringing my chickens into her family also caused her chickens to stop laying for a few days but she said everyone is laying now, everyone is happy.

Just thought you might want to hear that happy report.


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    If you get a house in the country, maybe you can do chickens again. I love reading your chicken stories.

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    I have missed hearing about your chickens. I was very happy today to read your report ~ yea chickens! thanks so much ~ Penny

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    I too was so glad to get an update on the hens! I was sure after reading about them I never wanted to raise chickens but I sure found them interesting.

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    Yeah for sociable chickens! Bummer about that house being in the city. Very pretty, but I understand. I’m in the city and would like to get out.

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    Now that is a feel good story. I’m so glad they have blended with their new family. Great news, Judy…. We just have to get you a house in the country now!

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    Cindy from CA says

    I am so happy to hear that your hens are doing well in their new environment! I am sure that it gives you a feeling of peace to know that the “merge” went so well.

    On to the next challenge!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Wonderful to hear about the blended chicken family! However, I can’t believe her new owners can’t tell which one is your Ruby!

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    Candace L says

    I’m glad to hear about the chickens settling in to their new home. I have to admit that it was the chicken stories that originally brought me to your blog.

  9. 16

    Glen in louisiana says

    How interesting! Thanks for the update. I was wondering about them!


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    I am glad your chickens have settled in, and I pray that you find a wonderful home and can settle in too! Welcome to Texas, by the way…I think you will love it here!

  11. 19


    I do miss hearing about your chickens! I love the stories you would write and the pictures you posted about them. I hope with your move to Texas you will get to have chickens and we will again get to read about them! Take care!!

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    pdudgeon says

    just goes to show that your chickens had a very good upbringing, and learned their manners well. congratulations on a successful merge of the families.

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    Wann Hart says

    I thought of you today, Judy. On the news, a woman had chickens as her pets. She made a diaper for her favorite when she comes in the house. She put a coffee filter in the diaper so it would clean up better! Loved the big house in Texas, but you would never have time to quilt and keep that place up! Of course, you could convince Jo Nell to move in with you along with your Dad so he could keep the fireplaces going!