It Was Inevitable

Even though I knew it was going to happen, and even though it was delayed a bit due to a few glitches, the “For Sale” sign went up yesterday.  We’re using the same realtor we used when we bought the house and when she came yesterday, I told her that I sure enjoyed this more when we were on the other end of this deal.  I was so excited when we found this house.  What’s kinda funny . . or sad, depending on how you look at it, when we bought this house I knew we wouldn’t be staying here forever but I surely didn’t expect it to be so hard to leave.  Really, I’m excited about moving to Texas and being closer to friends and family but I will feel a whole lot better about it all when we find a house.

I sure hope any prospective home buyer loves dandelions because we sure have a great crop of them!  🙁  Not sure if you can see my irises blooming by the front walkway but they’re so pretty.

There are irises all over my yard.  Spring is so pretty in Missouri.

Here are a few more irises blooming along the retaining wall.  You can see the dumpster still back in the background.  It’s not full yet but it’s getting there.



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    remember to dig out 10 Iris bulb clusters from each color, put them in labeled paper bags and bring a little home with you.

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    Well think of it this way. Now when you see this house on Google Maps you can make fun of people who have their trashcan on the curb.

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    pdudgeon says

    so glad that your iris are blooming now so you get to enjoy them.

    I’ve always tried to leave the landscaping of a place better than when i found it if at all possible–even at apartments. believe me, the other residents really appreciated all the work i did so that they could also enjoy seeing something blooming, instead of just ho hum greenscaping.