As Ready As I’m Going to Get

Having not had a house for sale in 4-1/2 years, I had forgotten what a pain it is.  I have cleaned all day.  Our first showing is this evening.  I know what’s expected . . clean, clutter removed, spotless!  If I weren’t such a bad housekeeper to start with, this probably wouldn’t be so hard but I keep thinking . . no one really lives in a house this clean.  Nothing on the kitchen countertops.  Nothing on the bathroom countertops.  I can’t live this way very long!  🙂

You’ve seen the kitchen before but probably not like this . . not lately anyway.

The dining room:

The breakfast room:

The foyer:

Down the stairs:

The family room:

The guest room.  The Ott light doesn’t go there but I figured it goes better there than in the family room where it  usually sits.

Another view.  I love this window.

The master bedroom – the furniture is gone and it looks horribly empty with just a bed in there so you can’t see it.  Downstairs . . not so clean.  We’re going to pretend there is no downstairs!  🙂

This is really as clean as it’s going to get.  If you see anything else that needs to be done, besides dusting the fan blades in the living room . . please don’t tell me.  I’ve already vacuumed and dusted so the fan blades are just going to have to wait.

I hope someone buys this house real quick . . even though I’m not ready to leave but I don’t want to have to keep it clean!

Yesterday I was telling Vince what a pain it is to keep everything place and do you know what he said?  Think about me!  I’m having to work too! That’s not exactly how I was looking at it.  He’s here a week and there a week for 2 more weeks and then he’s gone to TX full time . . in a hotel or a rental . . while I’m here having to keep the house clean and leave with the dog when the house is shown.  I’d rather be in a hotel, with me feet up, knitting!


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    I still can’t get used to having the house “show clean.” Even if our realtor says it doesn’t need to be spotless, we all know it does!

  2. 3

    Linda in NE says

    Your house looks great. Wish I could buy it and move in. That big sewing room in the basement would be heaven.

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    Oh Judy, I’ve been where you are so many times. Always left, alone (except for the dog) behind to take care of all things move related. I’m sending you quick sale prayers & wishes!

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    Good thoughts for you that the house sells quickly! It is definitely a pain keeping it up for showing purposes. I, too, wish I was in the market to buy your house!

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    Gwen TX says

    Maybe it will only take one showing! I know it will be awful to keep up with that level of unlived in look. You have done a good job getting it ready. It should show well. I hope you find something in Brownwood just as quickly.

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    Katherine says

    When we sold our last (and only so far) house, we got everything show ready and then left town for 3 weeks. With an infant and toddler at the time I couldn’t imagine keeping it clean with them around. We were visiting my mom and my DH was job hunting. We were so blessed that we got a contract while we were gone. I suggest that if Vince hasn’t found a place by the time he needs to be there that you go down for another house hunting trip.

  7. 8

    Mel Meister says

    Umm… since you’re all done there and don’t have much to do, I’m inviting you to Florida to tackle my house! I’ll even share some of my overflowing stash!

    Heh heh….

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    Glen in louisiana says

    It looks really good. But I have decided I am never moving!!

  9. 10

    LadyBaltimore says

    Looks great! But I agree with you, house showings are a total pain. I hate it.
    It’s hard to live in a house and show at the same time. Who wants to scour and mop their way out of the bathroom every morning? Hope you get a contract right away.

  10. 11

    Millie says

    Hi Judy,
    At least with you being home alone the only person who can mess up your hard work would be you ..and Speck. Selling a house and keeping it spic and span with young children in the house is a nightmare Talk about stressful! I have done that more than once and it is NOT fun!

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    You have my sympathy. If we had to move today, we’d be in such trouble. 2 people who can’t stop collecting stuff. Arrgh.

  12. 13

    NancyB in AZ says

    Judy, It looks great! Good luck. I can’t imagine it will be long before you have an offer.

  13. 14

    Pam says

    I have a friend who would keep 2 boxes to scoop up all the personal belonging when her house was being shown. She’d put them in her car and return them when she got back home. It was better than trying to hide the stuff and remembering where she had stashed it.

  14. 15


    You have my sympathy! After our last move, I told hubby I was staying here and not moving again. It is a LOT of work to keep a home show-able at the drop of a hat. But, we all know how important first impressions are. Hope you get the place sold soon so you can get back to normal.

    Take care!


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    Marla says

    Here is hoping whoever looks at your home this evening love it so much that it gets sold this weekend!

  16. 17

    Mary says

    I hate cleaning too and things are still too cluttered right now to make much progress. I’m glad we aren’t selling this one yet. I’ll move everything out and then we can have a cleaning service come in. I think the carpets will have to be cleaned and some painting done before leasing it but I don’t plan to do those things!

  17. 18

    Mary Jo says

    Do people who look at houses really think that everything is always this spotless…or will stay that spotless when they move in? I don’t think people have much imagination anymore. They can’t see past what you have and imagine what they would put in the house. When we had our house on the market a couple of years ago I could not believe some of the comments that were made! Good luck and maybe by tomorrow you can tell us that you have gotten an offer! (and found a place in Texas!)

  18. 19

    JoAn GODFREY says

    the only thing i would do is put a bowl of oranges/lemons and/or limes on the dining room table. it would look classy and put that fresh natural scent in the room.

  19. 20

    Nancy says

    Judy, good luck with your house sale….but just a thought, if you keep the fan running on low no one will see that it needs dusting!!!! HEHEHEHE!

  20. 21


    Your house looks great! I have never sold a home while still living in it I like some of the suggestions others offered. Best to you on a fast, but good sale.

  21. 22

    Sandy says

    I read a good hint the other day. They said to keep get well cards in your front room . If someone stops by, they will think you have been sick and haven’t been able to clean. **smile**

    Your house looks wonderful, Judy and I think it is “show ready.” Maybe you should join Vince for a few weeks like someone suggested and you won’t have to keep making the bed, etc, lol.

  22. 24


    I can surely empathize with you. I did that for 2 1/2 years…….. Now it has become a habit and I get up each morning and get the house ready to show. A good thing too because someone usually drops by for a short visit in the afternoons.

    It will sell soon because you have taken such good care of it and the economy is so much better now.

    Praying for you……….

  23. 26


    Sending good vibes your way for a quick sale of your house and finding a suitable one in Texas SOON. It looks brand new. I hope you made it clear the quilts are not part of the sale. They are so pretty.