Going Back for the Last Time

Remember how much I cried and how sad I was when Chad first moved away to school?

For the longest time, my heart just broke into a million pieces every Sunday when he drove away.

It’s so hard to believe that he’s graduating this weekend and will be here as long as we’re here.  He still hasn’t made a decision about grad school in the fall but I’m guessing we’ll be gone by then.

Saturday and Sunday he worked a 12 hour shift and had exempted his final on Monday so he stayed home til Monday afternoon but here he was leaving for the last time to go back to the dorm.

I’m so proud of him for graduating and hope he finds a permanent full-time job or makes a decision on grad school real soon!  And doesn’t he look so much cuter driving that pickup?  He loves his truck!


  1. 3

    Connie says

    Wouldn’t it be nice if he went to grad school in TX and was still able to come home weekends?? As moms we can dream can’t we?

  2. 5

    Cindy M says

    It’s hard to watch them grow up… but we all know it would be harder if they didn’t!

  3. 7


    Chad is your legacy and your finest creation. They sure grow up fast -and now he will be testing his wings and designing his flight plan. Congratulations to you also for this milestone. Life works out and you will be surprised to find him home often. Judy C

  4. 8

    Gwen TX says

    Congratulations, Chad! I know just how proud you are of him! We are heading to Sherman to graduation this weekend also and still don’t know about grad school either. It has been a long road with good byes and distance, but you survived and so did we. He looks great and his truck fits! Hugs!

  5. 11

    Doe in Mi says

    Aww I feel for you. My daughter and family moved to Tennesee when my grandkids were small (now have their own). That was at least 16 yrs. ago.
    A 9 hr. trip from here in Michigan if you don’t stop to eat. So yes, I feel for ya.

  6. 14


    Congratulations Chad! It was so exciting to see her walk the stage and snag that diploma! I know you are so proud of him.

    Tell him that it is often recommended that you not go to grad school where you received your undergrad degree, and that he needs to go to school in Austin!


  7. 15

    Sandy says

    You have much to be proud of Judy. Our kids grow up so fast and Chad has had good role models in you and Vince. The next chapter in your lives will be exciting. I can’t wait to hear about them! Congratulations!!

  8. 16


    I’m right there with you, except my daughter just moved home (and brought her fiance) and of course we moved last year. So even weirder–the home she moved back to from college isn’t the one she left from.

    I’m sure Chad will do great. Hopefully he will pick a grad school near you.


  9. 17


    Congratulations to Chad!—and to you and Vince. My the time has gone by so fast! I truly hope he decides to move to TX with you once he is back home and has the opportunity to be part of the move. Praying you find the perfect house soon too….Chad looks great in a Pickup truck!

  10. 19

    quilterbee says

    Congratulations , Chad. The time went by so quickly.

    There are so many changes for all of you . I am sending up extra prayers for you to find the perfect home .

  11. 20

    Pam says

    Congratulations to you all.
    Investing in a child’s education is the best thing that we can do for the future.
    Yep, he looks good in that pickup. Just right for Texas as Glen said.

  12. 21


    You raised a good one there, Judy! Congratulations to Chad on graduating and hugs to you on his growing up and flying the nest. A dude always looks better when he drives a pickup!

  13. 22

    Helene says

    Congratulations to Chad!! You must be so very proud and it’s very clear that all the hard work of raising him has paid off beautifully in the fine young man he is. Be sure to take along a hankie or two for commencement — you’ll probably need it.

  14. 23


    First comes graduation. Chad we are proud of you. Judy & Vince congrats. After graduations usually comes marriage. Then the best part of life (in my opinion) grandkids. Lets hope he moves to Texas first.

  15. 25

    Linda H says

    Already, he’s graduating! It seems like such a short time ago that he packed up for that first semester. Congratulations to you all! An accomplishment to be proud of.

  16. 26


    Congratulations to Chad and you and Vince! Time sure does go by fast!
    Maybe somehow he will end up in Texas!