Road to Brownwood Instructions #6

Today we’ll work on the pieced border blocks but before adding those, you’ll need to add the following border:

Fabric 3 (dark yellow):
Side borders: 2″ x 68-1/2″
Top & Bottom borders: – 1-1/2″ x 60-1/2″

For the blocks, 56 total blocks are needed. These will be 5-1/2″ unfinished or 5″ finished. I made 28 with a medium yellow section and 28 blocks with a light yellow section. You can do whatever suits you. Also, since I didn’t have enough of any one purple and used several purples throughout my top, I used a variety of purples for the center squares. These measurements are exactly the size needed. Make one block and be sure you’re blocks measure 5-1/2″ unfinished. If not, check your seam allowance and make them a scant smaller or larger in order to assure your blocks are 5-1/2″ unfinished.

For each block, you will need:
Fabric 7 (purple) 1 – 3″ square
Fabric 1 or 2 (light or medium yellow) 1 – 3-3/4″ square, cut on the diagonal twice to yield four triangles
Fabric 6 (dark green) 2 – 3-3/8″ squares, cut on the diagonal once to yield four triangles

I did paper piece my blocks and cut all of my squares a little larger. Instead of cutting the 3-3/4″ squares, I cut them 4-1/4″ and instead of cutting 3-3/8″ squares, I cut them about 3-7/8″.

If you want to paper piece and you have access to EQ, use the “Economy Patch” block and set it to 5″ finished.  If you do not use EQ and would like to draw your own block, this is what it would look like.  Printing it from this page will not produce the correct size block.  You must draw the first one to be 5″ without the seam allowance and then make copies.