House Looker #1

The realtor called last night and said the lady loved our house but she loved the other three she had seen too.  I must say that there are quite a few houses on the market that are in the same price range as ours, same size, same quality and if I were looking right now, I’d have a hard time deciding and could be happy with any of them.  In fact, when we moved here 4-1/2 years ago, there were two other houses that we liked and had a hard time deciding on this one and those two have been sold and are back on the market again.  Sure would be nice if just one of these houses was on the market in Brownwood.

The lady’s husband won’t be here til June to look at the houses so even if she chose our house, they won’t make an offer til some time in June.

Our realtor was amazed at how much cleaning and de-cluttering I had gotten done since she was here Monday night.  I’m betting she had already warned the lady that we had SO MUCH STUFF and the house was kinda cluttered but by the time they got here . . there was no clutter and it was sparkling.

The local realtors all came through on their tour this morning and a couple of them may have a prospect or two.

The best news is . . I don’t have to go to the dentist today (like I did on Tuesday); I don’t have to spend the day cleaning (like I did yesterday) ; all the quilts, the manuscript .  . everything for the next book has been sent to AQS and for now, my job is done for a while so . .  you know what that means?  It could mean a lot of things!  It could mean I’m going back to bed and taking a nap or . . it could mean I’m going to spend the day sewing . . or it could mean I’m going to sit in the recliner with Speck and knit all day . . or sit in the recliner with Speck and read my new book.

What do you think I’m going to do?  My guess is the nap will find its way into my day at some point!



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    sew/nap/sew… that’s what I would do… we have our first appt with a realtor this morning. I have been decluttering for the past week…if I declutter any more we won’t be able to live here

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    sitting and knitting sounds fave to me — been working from home this week and enjoy my 10 o’clock muffin and coffee on the deck with DH and the dogs

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    Whatever you do, just do it slowly – I hate the packing and sorting and keeping it all clean. Judy C is in the same boat and we have not even started looking to where we will move – just know we are going to get less land and a one story house. JC