Picture Taking

Other than cleaning house, my next least favorite thing to do is have my own picture taken.  I needed a new picture of me so yesterday I bit the bullet, put on makeup and had Vince take some pictures.  The hard part is keeping my mouth shut long enough for him to take the picture!

That one won’t work.

That won’t work.

I was trying to tell Vince the neighbor was behind him wanting to talk to him and Vince wouldn’t stop taking pictures!

I like this one taken outside but I’m kinda squinting.

This one is ok too.  I’ll probably send these last two and let them make the decision.  I do hope I’m done picture taking and cleaning house for a few days!


  1. 6

    Scarlett says

    You are adorable. Really! I like the last two, but prefer the one with the green background, not plain.

  2. 7

    Linda in NE says

    I hate having my picture taken. I always look worse in pictures than I think I do in the mirror. Consequently, a hundred yrs. from now family genealogists are going to label me “the invisible woman.” 🙂

  3. 8


    You gave me a good laugh this morning! LOL. I kinda like the one where you are telling Vince about the neighbor.

    The caption could be: Buy my book. NOW!

  4. 10

    Sandy says

    You take a great picture, Judy. I like the last two, and the green background is probably my favorite. You deserve a day to yourself after all that cleaning. I need to get a dumpster here to de-clutter but DH and I would both be wanting to save everything, lol.

  5. 12

    pam says

    Hi Judy ~~ Love reading your blog You are so REAL !!! Warm Hugs Pam PS love all the pics of you.

  6. 13


    You look beautiful and perfect in the last photo! The others are good too but it sure must have been hard no to squint outside where it’s so bright.

    De-clutter . . . oh how I hate that word. I can never seem to manage it. I’m impressed that you were able to! Good luck with the house sale!

  7. 14

    Mel Meister says

    I chuckled… I understand. We tried to take pictures of myself and my son for Mother’s Day. It was an exercise in futility to get a decent shot of me!

  8. 16


    I hate taking pictures too. Either my eyes are shut or I’m looking up. I always wonder why I am looking up when I’m supposed to be looking at the camera.

  9. 17

    barbara says

    i like the last one – you seem to be looking at me! who doesn’t like that?