Yay!  The realtors walked through and are gone.  There’s nothing else on my agenda for today that requires doing anything other than what I want to do.  A chicken is brining and will be roasted for dinner.  A quick trip to the grocery store is in order . . bananas are on sale for .28/pound and I need grapes to make chicken salad tomorrow with my leftover chicken.  Then I’ll go to Wal-Mart for a new downstairs rug.  The rug I had in front of the door was a piece of white carpet and it was really dirty so I need a new rug there.

But for now . . I’m sewing!

And if my plans go as scheduled, this afternoon I’ll quilt my May UFO, which is already loaded on the longarm.

No matter what I’m doing, Speck is keeping a wary eye on me.  All this hustling and bustling and cleaning reminds him of the rush I get into when I’m going out of town and he’s nervous!

That’s ok, Speck.  I’m a bit nervous too! : )


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    Freda Henderson says

    I am just starting your brown quilt. Mine will not be brown but I love the pattern! Thanks Judy!

  2. 5

    Nancy says

    There is nothing better than a sewing machine just waiting to be turned on and used!!! Have a great day!!

  3. 7


    I’m going to say something totally different. Enjoy your bananas! Because of the dreadful storms and floods in Australia earlier this year we have very few bananas – they cost nearly $13 per kg at the moment. Thankfully all will be back to normal with a new crop on the way and ready in 6 months.
    And of course, enjoy your sewing day!

  4. 8

    Mary says

    Chesty was nervous watching me pack up yesterday for the Nebraska HeartStrings sew-in but I talked to Keith tonight and they were doing just fine without me.