Sewing Therapy

A sewing afternoon was just what I needed yesterday.  Ever have one of those days when you just need to spend quality time with your sewing machine . . quality uninterrupted time?  That’s what I did yesterday.  At one point I almost stopped sewing to take a nap but decided sewing time was more important than sleeping time.


You’re probably thinking I love every quilt I make and with EQ, it’s so easy to see what the quilt is going to look like before you make it so .  . yes, I do love most every quilt I make and I especially love this one.  I showed it to Vince while it was hanging over the longarm and he loved it too.  That was a great ending to a much needed and wonderful afternoon of sewing.



  1. 1

    Kim Webb says

    I love it also. Your color choices are always stunning. Simply beautiful.

  2. 2


    I love this quilt. The colors are perfect. I may even try it myself although my UFO’s need paring down. Summertime is coming and I have more time to sew as I have fewer meetings. We’ll see.

  3. 3


    Good for you – just a little “you” therapy was all that was needed. I love this quilt – beautiful – sure wish I had time to make it. Judy C

  4. 6

    Cndy in NC says

    Beautiful! If only the literal Road to Brownwood was going as smoothly as the quilted Road to Brownwood.

  5. 8


    I love everything you design and this one is no exception. You need to grab “Judy Time” whenever you can. It’s good for the soul! 😉

  6. 9

    Alma says

    The quilt is beautiful.
    Sewing is like comfort food….but a lot less calories!

  7. 10

    Doe in Mi says

    I have to admit (sorry) I wasn’t crazy about this quilt when I first saw it. But now that I see in done in real material I have to admit its very beautiful. Would love to see it placed on a bed.

  8. 14

    Ray says

    Oh my gosh, Judy, the quilt is just stunning – much more beautiful than the EQ drawing!!! I can see why you love it; I do too!!!

  9. 15


    Wow! I love this quilt too. You come up with some creative settings for familiar blocks, your quilts have a really fresh look to them.

  10. 16

    Pam says

    Amazing what happens when a pattern is stitched in fabric. It breathes life.
    Beautiful job.

  11. 17

    Mel Meister says

    I see what you do with EQ and it makes me want to stitch up a quilt I’ve played with in there. Great inspiration!