Yes, Speck is begging.  Vince is eating a piece of cheese and Speck would so love a bite but for the most part, we don’t give him people snacks and the whole truth is . . no one . . Vince or Speck should be eating in the living room but the real beggar today is me, I’m not complaining about Vince eating a piece of cheese in the living room.

The reason I’m begging . . I got a nasty computer virus on my favorite laptop.  It’s that darned Win 7 Security 2011 virus and I don’t have a clue how I got it.  My virus protection is up to date and I never click on anything that could be suspect.  Worse than getting it is the fact that this is the second time I’ve gotten it and while I was in Louisiana, my dad got it and his virus protection was working too.

Things aren’t too bad . . yet.  He’s still smiling.  He wasn’t smiling so much when we were in Joplin earlier today and I mentioned that maybe we should stop and buy me a new laptop.

Finish eating your cheese, Vince and get my computer fixed . . please! He’s leaving town tomorrow and I really want that computer working again before he leaves but the way things are looking, it may not happen.  There’s another laptop I can use but it doesn’t have EQ7 and it isn’t my favorite computer but I’m happy to have a backup if he can’t get my regular laptop back up and running.


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    Linda in NE says

    So sorry your laptop has picked up one of those fake anti-virus viruses. I’ve found that updated copies of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Super Anti-Spyware do a good job of removing this type of virus if you shut off System Restore and then shut the computer completely down. Start up in safe mode and then run the programs. I use the free versions of both programs. My Avast anti-virus also does a scan at start-up that checks for viruses as the computer starts up and before nasty stuff starts running. Good luck.

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    Alma says

    I had an earlier version of that virus and my antivirus software did nothing to detect or help remove it. It makes one believe there is a problem and when I clicked on what I thought would prevent it, then the virus downloaded. I won’t do that again!
    Thankfully, my husband was able to remove it, but I swear my computer was never the same.
    I hope Vince has better luck.

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    We had a doxie a few years ago that could sit up like that. When she first did it we were astounded but after years of seeing her up like that we came to expect it. She, however, didn’t get people food, either. Our current dogs do get one kind of people treat, pizza crusts. They can smell them the instant they come through the door : we don’t have pizza often.

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    Helen says

    Speck’s back must be feeling a whole lot better than earlier in the year. So good to see.

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    I had some kind of virus also and my husband did that Malware thing too. It fixed the problem and then he did a full scan for any other abnormalities.

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    Ruth C says

    I had that virus, too, and my husband was able to remove it. Ever since then, though, I have another problem: When I Google something and get the list of results, almost always whichever one I click on will actually take me to a completely different web site (which I try not to click on because I don’t know why it sends me there). If I click the back button, and then reselect the same Google search result, it takes me to the actual site. Has anyone else seen this?

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    we got that blasted virus on TWO of our computers around Christmas – the computer guys told me that they are getting in through Java. So, update your Java OFTEN is what he told me, sometimes it’s almost every day. Anyhow, I took our computers into a computer store and they fix virus’ for a flat fee of $79 + tax. They run better after they are in the shop than before because they really clean it up. If Vince can’t get it done in time, that’s what I’d suggest…….. my computer took almost 2 weeks to get done though because it’s got a slow processor (the slower the computer it, the longer the scans take). My son’s laptop took just about a week (it’s just under 2 years old now)

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    Pat in Washington says

    So far I’ve been “lucky” because my desktop and laptop computers are both Macs! My son is a total Mac-head and thinks Microsoft is evil and Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ, so he convinced me years ago to go the Mac route. He always says “Macs aren’t magic, they’re just better.”

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    if the people who created those virus’ would put their smarts to use in something legitimate, they could make a decent living! urgh! i had to take my computer back to ground zero, straight out of the box, because i got a nasty case of malware a couple weeks ago. like you i had no idea where it came from because i dont’ go anywhere on mine. hope it gets fixed soon!

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    I’l bet Chad knows about computers. Kids that age usually do. Now that he’s done with school (congratulations to him, BTW) maybe he has time to work on your computer or researching the perfect new one for you.

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    Melanie says

    Urgh…I got that virus on my computer this week too! It took my husband three days to remove it. I hope Vince has better luck!

    I don’t know if you use Facebook, but I suspect that is where we get our viruses. I am tempted to stop using it, but it’s so fun!

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    I work in the computer support dept. of my local school district and we have been seeing many of these infections lately. We call it a “drive by” infection. You get it by looking at website that is infected. You don’t even have to click on anything. All of our computers have up to date antivirus, too. Unfortunately I don’t have any words of wisdom for you. We’ve been doing a lot of reinstalls lately. I hope everything turns out alright.

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    Karen says

    If you do end up getting a new computer look at the Macs before you make a decision.