Blog Update

What does a girl do when everything . . and I mean everything in her life is in chaos?  She changes her blog . . only if she’s asking for trouble!  Please be patient with me.  It may look goofy (or goofier than normal) for a while til I figure out what I’m doing.  It may even disappear for brief periods.  Humor me . . my blog is about the only thing over which I have complete control at the moment and since it was about the only thing that was running smoothly . . I decided to make changes.



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    Change is good! (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) Have fun with your blog changes – we’ll be here 🙂

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    Looks ok to me – but I am in a mood that I like the bright white background. It makes the colors pop!

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    When things fall to pieces, it’s best to take them all and throw them into the air! Then when they fall back down, you make a nice quilt out of them. Can’t make a good scrap quilt unless you shake EVERYTHING up, so I understand your logic perfectly. 😉

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    Diane says

    I was was going to reply a few posts ago about when the realtor said they were overwhelmed with the quilting stuff. I remember when I was looking for this house. We looked at literally a minimum of 100 houses. We looked for almost a year and looked at no less than 6 each time we went out. The realtors always say to clean the house and put away all personal stuff. I can say I disagree completely. The houses that stayed on my “maybe” list all turned to be the houses that had personal items up and still being used. I was able to see how the house really worked. the steril cleaned houses all looked unusable to me. I couldn’t visualize my stuff in them.
    The house we bought had a “doll room”. She was a huge collector of the fancy dressed dolls. I could visualize my sewing room.
    She was a big cook so her kitchen had lots of cookbooks and food processors and mixer and stuff. I could see my stuff fitting.
    Her livingroom had pictures of her grandchildren and nick nacks out. I could see how to lay out my stuff for traffic patterns and where not to put the TV.
    So the next time the realtor makes a comment, ignore her. She could be one of those that doesn’t live in her house, it’s just for show. I want to live in my home and so do you and so will the potential buyers of your home.
    Just thought I would tell you. 🙂

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    Mel Meister says

    EEK! I’ll be patient, but it was really hard to find the link to the next post. It’s not very user friendly at the moment.

    You know me, I tell it like it is! LOL! But I understand that it’s a work in progress.

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    Marcie says

    Makes perfect sense. When I am stressed, I make lists. or eat… Making lists or working online sounds like a HEALTHY coping strategy! Best wishes through this process of looking, cleaning, moving, and working on your site. 🙂

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    You make me laugh! I was terrified to change my blog around and you jump in with both feet. 😉 Whatever you do it will be great because YOU make the blog what it is.

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    I had a mini-stroke when your blog didn’t come up, so I’m glad this post was up when I tried again. Change away, and we’ll all enjoy it!

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    Linda B in MI says

    Oh Judy, I feel your pain…we have moved 25 times in 43 years plus living here for 4 more…husband wants to retire but house market is poor and we owe more than what can sell it for….we tried!!! So the day will come and my husband will come home from work and say, “Let the bank have it!” and do it!!!got way too much and no where to go.

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    I love it that you are changing your blog in the middle of EVERYTHING ELSE! Have you heard the saying, “If you want to get something done, ask the busiest person you know.”? Well, this just supports that hypothesis…..LOL

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Judy, you are just so darn likable! I see by your comments I am not the only one who would love to have you over for coffee, because you are funny and normal and human. Thanks for sharing who you are with the world.

    I know about the house-selling thing. Had the same situation when I tried (and eventually succeeded) selling my home almost four years ago. Same thing – remove all items that indicate someone might actually live here. And we had to paint everything white! After we had worked so hard at decorating the house for us to live in, and we thought it was beautiful.

    Your post today gave me a laugh – you are right, we need to feel we have control over something!

    The blog is great whatever you do with it – I believe your many followers are here for the content – all the cosmetic stuff is icing on the cake.