Is Chad Staying?

I looked at our realtor’s website to see what it said about my house and this is what I found:

STUNNING CONTEMPORARY  Four bedrooms, 3-1/2 baths, formal dining, central vac, whirlpool, full walkout basement with rec room, kitchenette, storage, three car attached garage plus basement garage. 30×30 shop/garage, lots of wildlife. 2×6 construction. One of Nevada’s finest homes.  Special Financing Incentives available on this property from SIRVA’s preferred lender”

The “lots of wildlife” made me wonder if Chad and his friends may be part of the deal!  🙂  With him being home from school not much more than 24 hours, I already feel like I live in a zoo.  There’s someone coming and going all the time and Nicole . . good thing I like that girl and she doesn’t eat much because she’s here a lot!  Yep, there’s way too much wild life for me.

He bought an old jet ski.  He’s going to take the motor out of it and put it in a boat he wants to build this summer.  He went out tonight and messed around with it and got it started so then he was all set to go find some water so he could run it.  I’m thinking . . looking for a permanent job might be a better idea than building a boat! But, no one asked me what I thought.


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    Now I’m a bit confused “Nevada’s finest”? I thought you lived in Missouri?
    Boys will be boys, then they grow up to be men and still need to tinker endlessly.

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      LOL — It’s Nevada, MO. And it’s actually pronounced “Nee-Vay-Da.” I was confused as all get out the first couple of times I drove through. 😀 Just like “Chrysler Street” in Kansas City is actually “Chris-ler” and not “Cry-sler.”

      Missouri pronunciations are… interesting. 😀

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    Sandy says

    I think it is a man thing to tinker with things. Just don’t let him near your sewing equipment, lol. It is an adventure everyday when the kids are home from school. We have our ideas of a routine and they have theirs. Most of the time those routines are miles apart.

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    LOL. Carrie graduated and the next day left for Europe for 6 weeks backpacking with her friends. She had asked Frank if he would pay her way and he said, Heck, I just paid for FIVE years of school, a condo, a car, spending money, all your insurance and a cell phone…….and you want EUROPE too?


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    Mel Meister says

    *chuckle* and if it’s anything like around here, nobody will continue to ask your opinion! I feel your pain with my step-daughter graduating from high school next week and no plans in sight!

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    What on earth will Chad do with all his stuff when you move, dosn’t he need to look for somewhere to live?
    As far as names go, I live in Northampton England, and our quilt group are twinned with Northampton Australia! Plus I have visited a Northampton in the USA, cannot remember where.

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      Lisa says

      Maybe Northampton, Massachusetts? That’s just down the road from where I grew up. Nice small college town.

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, oh dear! Let him have a week’s vacation and then talk about getting down to business.

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    It seems like it is ALMOST THE NORM for post-grads to tinker and linger……. I have named it the TL SYNDROME…..they tinker and linger and sometimes the only way to stop it is to counter with more TL (tough love – translates to TOODLE LOOOO)

    Seriously, one good thing about NO JOB is that he will NEED to move to Texas with you. NO JOB equals NO MONEY and NO LIVING ON ONES OWN! 🙂

    sao in Midlothian, VA

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    Sounds like he might have to look into a storage shed! I don’t think apartments would let him take that in and let him fix it. He doesn’t seem to have come to the reality that you are moving, if he is thinking about building a boat too! Sounds like you should be looking for a BIGGER house, not a smaller one! Hope he finds a place and you dont have to haul all HIS stuff with you! It will work out, but there might be some (more) stress in it for you!