Design Wall Monday, May 16, 2011

If I get much sewing time today, I should get this top finished.  The purples are so wrong in this picture.  I should have tried to take it outside yesterday and get a better picture, knowing it’s hard to gt the purples right in my sewing room.  Trust me . . the colors are great and I am loving this quilt.

Sure would be nice to get this quilted this week but that’s probably a bit optimistic.


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    I love this quilt too — what a great variation of a strip-type quilt. I really like how one strip kind of transitions into the next one. Very cool.

  2. 7

    Mary Jo says

    I just love the quilt Morah has on her design wall. Is that pattern by any chance still available? She noted in her blog that it was a Quilt for an Hour quilt from you in 2008.

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    My design wall is a bit lacking as I have just finished a couple of quilts this week. The picture is one based on a plan from Judy, which I just love.. difficult to see the 3D butterflies, but there are 7 on it.

  4. 9

    Sandy says

    I think this is one of your prettiest quilts. I love the design, borders, colors…….everything!!