Speaking of New

I’m still exploring the new layout but if you go all the way down to the end of the first page of the blog, then click on “Previous Entries”, look how neat those are all lined up!  I think it looks really nice but . . I might be a bit prejudiced!  🙂



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    I like the way the previous entries line up also. I is nice to have a little more about the last two previous blogs at the bottom of the page. This helps me know if I had read all the blogs posted since I last read them.

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    Well, isn’t that cool? As it turns out I missed several of your posts which I had to read before I maneuvered my way back here. I think it looks swell, Judy!

    I was away for a day or so….and I missed the fact that Chad graduated. Congratulations!

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    Mel Meister says

    And I find the columned layout difficult to understand how to read. LOL! Oh well, like I said, I’ll get used to it.

    It’s no “thing” as they say.

  4. 5


    I think it looks great Judy! Heck, I’d love reading about your adventures in any form I think. Love your patterns, your stories, the ads are great, and I only wish you were moving to Oregon!

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    Katherine says

    Not that it’s really a problem, but I don’t see the previous entries at the bottom of the post. Maybe because I’m reading it on my iPad? As long as you have the previous/next at the top, it works for me.